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After bariatric surgery, patients must take supplements to maintain good health. These supplements cannot be purchased over the counter as patients losing weight after bariatric surgery have unique needs requiring specially formulated supplements. Celebrate Bariatric Supplements sells supplements formulated for the post-surgical bariatric patient. The supplements on the website include protein shakes, peanut powder and vitamin and mineral supplements.

List of Ingredients

ENS – Multivitamin, Calcium and Protein Shake (Vanilla Cake Batter)

Fiber Blend: Nutriose (dextrin soluble fiber), citrus pectin and apple pectin.

Berry Blend: Acai Berry, Raspberry Extract, Blueberry Juice Concentrate, Goji Berry Extract, Strawberry Extract, Cranberry Extract and Maqui Berry.

Green Tea Leaf Extract.

Whey Protein Isolate, Sugar, Natural Flavors and Sucralose.

Product Features

The ENS – Multivitamin, Calcium and Protein Shake is just one of the many products sold by Celebrate Bariatric Supplements. A 30-serving supply of the protein shake mix sells for $60. Each tub claims to include 30 servings, but the daily dosage is two scoops, two times every day. One container will last the patient about 14 days. The shake is created for a post-bariatric patient, so the ingredients are easy to digest and absorb. The average dieter could use the shake as a daily supplement using just two scoops per day. At this rate, one container would last an entire month.

The prices for the supplement from Celebrate Bariatric Supplements are higher than other dietary supplements, but this is due to the specificity of the product. Dieters can take advantage of the low calorie, low fat, and low carbohydrate products if they want to spend the money on bariatric specific supplements. The suggested doses for each product is based on a patient post-surgery, so it is important to take the supplement to your physician for personal dosage before taking any products sold by Celebrate Bariatric Supplements.

The official website offers tools for the bariatric patient to guide them through the supplementation process post surgery. Only bariatric patients can use these tools because results are based on weight loss surgery and the effects on the digestive system and body.

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  • Offers supplements designed for the bariatric patient.
  • Some insurance companies may cover supplements.


  • Formulated for post-surgery patients, not typical dieters.
  • Supplements are expensive.
  • Not all insurance companies cover weight loss surgery or products associated with weight loss.


Celebrate Bariatric Supplements fulfills supplement needs for post-weight loss surgery patients. The supplements are designed to work with patients from the first day after surgery. Easily digested proteins, low carbohydrate and low fat alternatives are necessary for weight loss and general health post surgery. The average dieter will need personal dosage instructions from their doctor before taking these supplements.

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