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Celebrity Slim is an Australian based website that promotes healthy weight loss with supplementation and online communication. Not unlike many such websites based in the United States, eating plans and supplements are trademarked to the Celebrity Slim name. The supplement claims to decrease hunger naturally. Food and snacks are also sold through the website for men and women following the Celebrity Slim plan. All products are ordered through a third party company with no mention of whether products can be shipped to the United States.

List Of Ingredients

Diet and weight loss plan with branded snacks, foods and supplements.

Product Features

The Celebrity Slim plan supports online food journaling, weight loss and BMI tracking and nutritional support. We can assume dieters are encouraged to use the Celebrity Slim products during weight loss. These products include shakes, supplements and snacks. Shakes are gender specific. The front page of the diet website offers a scrolling pictorial of women who have lost weight on the plan. Unfortunately, the before photos are not included to give the full weight loss effect.

Further information on the diet plan describes Celebrity Slim as a meal replacement diet with an allowable foods list. Two meals are to be replaced by shakes and allowable snacks eaten between meals. This is similar to the Slim Fast plan in the United States and can be difficult to follow for prolonged lengths of time.

The testimonial section of the website leaves a lot to be desired. There are plenty of success stories and weight loss tips, but a visitor must click on each story to view the before picture. Before pictures are tiny and difficult to compare to the after photos.

A map of how the Celebrity Slim diet works helps us gauge how effective the plan may be. The map shows dieters eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks. Eating six times a day is supposed to be healthier than three, because it prevents the body from getting overly hungry. This can work wonders if enough food is eaten throughout the day, but the meal plan described may be too calorie restricting for many dieters. We looked around and could find no calorie information on any soups, shakes or bars.

Celebrity Slim products are priced higher than comparable weight loss solutions and there are a ton of branded choices including candy, shakes, soup, supplements, shakers, fitness programs and more. Male and female products are different so if a couple wants to lose weight on the plan together, they would have to buy double the products.

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  • Frequent eating can help control hunger.
  • Online support may help dieters stick to the plan.
  • There are before and after photos of weight loss.


  • Products are costly and branded.
  • No calorie totals are listed on the official website.
  • Products are sold in Australia with no mention of being available for international shipping to the United States.


The theory of frequent eating and controlling calorie intake is sound. More people lose weight from making healthy choices than those choose fad diets and extreme exercise programs. The trouble with Celebrity Slim is the sheer lack of information. There is a lot of weight loss support on the website but few brass facts about the plan. How can a dieter choose a weight loss plan if they have a long line of questions before signing up?

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    Celebrity slim has been awesome for me in a year I’d lost 100kgs and feel great I’ve kept the weight off for three years now and can maintain easily however I only started the shakes originally as a quick and easy meals as I was on a pm shift so it was convenient…..I ended up being addicted to them and stayed on it and reached my goal weight I’m so happy I’m the same weight I was fourteen years ago back to being 99kg and fit