Celgen Body Slimming Ampo Review

Editor's Review: 4.0 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Celgen Body Slimming Ampoule is a product intended for weight loss and reduction of cellulite. Cellulite is a problem many women face even after a weight loss regimen. However, we think it wise to look into the formula and information about this product before committing to it as very few products are able to deliver on their promises. Also, it’s always a good idea to include a good diet and exercise regimen.

List of Ingredients

As of this writing, Celgen Body Slimming Ampoules has no official listing online of the ingredients included.

Product Features

We looked for a website for Celgen products, but as of now one doesn’t seem to be one. We feel that the company’s image would benefit from having an official online presence, as well as, make it easier to find information and buy Celgen products. A website called beautyrose.com has the full line of Celgen products. The Celgen Body Slimming Ampoules can be purchased there for $75 per box. Each box holds 10 .33 oz vials. This seems rather expensive, especially since the product has yet to have proven its effectiveness.

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  • The product may have some benefit in cellulite removal.
  • Celgen Body Slimming Ampoules are easy to apply.


  • There are no ingredients lists online that we could find.
  • The price is too much – $75 per package.
  • There is no online presence of the company.
  • Once you open the vials, they can’t be resealed.


We are skeptical of this product, mainly because it’s so difficult to find it online. Also, there are no ingredient lists, so we have no way of knowing how Celgen Body Slimming Ampoules are actually supposed to work.

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Editor: Paul Blake

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