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Cell Life Slimming Coffee is an extremely unique product that sells for an extraordinary amount of money online. Customers can purchase the coffee by the sachet with 120 sachets or three month’s supply selling for $200. That is an extraordinary price for a product with no official website, no proven weight loss benefits and dangerous ingredients. We suggest the dieter skip this product at all costs. There are slimming coffees available from trusted companies that sell for a fraction of this cost.

There are no testimonials, no free trials and no money-back guarantees associated with this product. Many of the online sellers are offering Cell Life Slimming Coffee without the box the product was originally packaged in. This is another red flag.

List of Ingredients


  • L-Carnitine
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Bitter Orange

Product Features

We found it extremely interesting that the ingredient list we found online did not list coffee. Cell Life Slimming Coffee should have coffee listed as the first ingredient. In addition to the coffee, which inevitably is in the supplement, there is L-carnitine, garcinia cambogia and bitter orange. The product description claims these ingredients will reduce fat, reduce hunger and increase weight loss. That is the same claim made by many other companies about these same ingredients, but what the company behind Cell Life Slimming Coffee failed to mention was the possible side effects associated with these ingredients.

Garcinia cambogia – the heart of the once popular Hydroxycut line, is associated with liver damage. Hydroxycut was forced to remove all traces of garcinia cambogia and replace that ingredient with another fat burner after consumer reports of negative side effects.

Bitter orange is another name for synephrine – ephedra’s cousin. Synephrine is associated with increase heart rate, increased blood pressure, nervousness, jitters and shakes. This ingredient is commonly used in place of ephedra, but there are no clinical studies proving it works as well as the now banned ephedra.

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  • Likely contains coffee – a good source of caffeine.
  • The product is available for sale online.


  • Cell Life Slimming Coffee sells for more than most fat burners.
  • Contains two dangerous stimulants.
  • May cause jitters, shakes and high blood pressure.
  • Not all ingredients are listed in the product description.


Cell Life Slimming Coffee is not a safe product for weight loss. The ingredient list is not likely complete and the price is extreme for any fat burning product. We are concerned that the ingredient list may include other dangerous ingredients, aside from synephrine and garcinia cambogia. There could be laxatives or diuretics in the mix or some other ingredient that may interfere with prescription medications or cause health related side effects. If you want to try a slimming coffee, look for a product from a trusted company that lists all ingredients and backs up weight loss claims with clinical research.

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