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Cell Rush by All American EFX provides two important ingredients for bodybuilding. According to the official website, the liquid Cell Rush formula improves athletic performance, boosts endurance and shortens recovery. We could find no reference to a free trial of the formula, which may be an oversight by All American EFX. Any liquid supplement that is flavored needs to offer a free trial to make sure the user likes the taste. There is contact information where questions about the Cell Rush product can be fielded.

List of Ingredients

Kre-Alkalyn (Buffered Creatine Monohydrate), Dextro-Cyclodized Beta Alanine (Beta Alanine, Cycloamylose.)

Product Features

Cell Rush is supposed to be formulated to “rush” creatine to the muscle cells for improved growth. Creatine is typically digested and thus very little makes it to the muscles. Buffering the creatine allows it to stay longer in the blood stream and more creatine makes it to the muscle as a result. In addition, a sugar ring is added to the formula to speed up movement to the muscle. The sugar ring is a source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are normally taken by bodybuilding because creatine and other supplements used the sugar (which the muscle uses for quick energy) as a transport system.

Cell Rush will not improve weight loss efforts. The creatine monohydrate could actually cause a weight gain. Creatine tends to pull water into the muscle as a means of hydration. This causes the pump many bodybuilders feel after taking a creatine supplement. If a dieter were to take creatine, it could cause the same water retention but the muscle will not need the water and thus weight gain may occur.

Cell Rush sells for about $20 per 16-ounce bottle. There are 31 servings per container and one dose is required each day. One bottle will therefore last 31 days.

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  • Creatine is crucial for muscle growth during bodybuilding.
  • The sugar ring may speed up movement of creatine to the muscle.
  • Buffering creatine may increase the amount of creatine that makes it to the muscle.
  • Very few calories in the formula.


  • Weight loss is not a side effect of the supplement.
  • Dieters will not need creatine to lose weight.
  • Sugar alcohols could cause gastrointestinal side effects like bloating and gas.


Cell Rush is a good formula for bodybuilders. We have noticed that many of the individual supplements sold by All American EFX are typically part of more advanced supplements sold by other supplement companies. Dieters wishing to lose weight or even gain muscle will not need creatine for this purpose. We like the fact that the company supports online ordering and offers contact information. We would like to see some before and after testimonials.

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