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Cell U Loss is a product by Herbalife that is intended to help people become more fit and healthy, helping them to reduce the existence of cellulite and excess body fat. Cell U Loss works by helping the body to control hunger urges. We feel that this could potentially be effective in weight loss, if it works. Overall, it should be noted that no matter how effective any kind of weight loss supplement is, it won’t work unless a proper diet and exercise program is observed.

List of Ingredients

We can’t find a full listing of ingredients for this product.

Product Features

The website claims to offer all-natural ingredients.

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  • It’s claimed that Herbalife products such as Cell U Loss are composed of all-natural ingredients.
  • It’s very easy to order products online through the website and they accept most credit cards.


  • Although the website is up and running, there isn’t a lot of information on it.
  • Ingredients for Cell U Loss are not listed on Herbalife’s website.
  • Some people may think that $150 and up is a bit expensive for a weight loss product.


We feel that Cell U Loss would be more reputable if its ingredients were listed. Many people aren’t willing to purchase products from a company that is unwilling to offer information about its products. Because of this lack of information, we can’t say for certain whether Cell U Loss is effective.

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  • 1
    Your Name

    I already loss my hair by useing herbalife formula1.so if i use cell u loss can regain my hair



    By useing herblife formul1.i got hair loss.by useing cell u loss can i regain my hair


  • 2

    I just started Herbalife to loose weight. I started with the quick start kit and the cell u loss. I am wondering if it really helps to loose weight and if there are any negative side effects from any of the products?


  • 3

    Does your sleep goes away with this pill Cell U Loss


  • 4

    A lot of this information is not correct cell u loss is for eliminating excess water and toxins in the skin kidneys and bladder. It contains dandelion, asparagus, cornsilk, all natural. The information is on the website. Cell u loss is NOT for controlling hunger either, i really dont know where youre getting this information lol…there are other products herbalife makes that are supposed to help with that such as the snack defense.. And also cell u loss is about $18. Not $150.


  • 5

    I have heart problem overweight too mitral valve closed.can I take cell u lose tablet.how many I take.my age is 39 years


  • 6

    I just receive my Formula 1 &Cell u loss, I have already started a diet n workout plan so hopefully results are coming even better!!!!…….


  • 7

    I bought cell u loss to add to my weight loss program. I have asthma and high blood pressure so but before I take it can you tell me if it will affect either condition. or has anyone else with similar conditions successful use cell u loss without any problems.



    I take the cell u loss, and have been for 9 mos. I find it makes a great difference in what I use it for. Removing excess fluid and toxins that caused cellulite. always consult your physician when taking any supplements.


  • 8

    It only works with good exercise and eating habits. There is no majic pill. I lost 50 pounds in 90 days on herbalife but i stuck to a rigid diet and workout plan.



    Can you share your diet plan with? With me pls


  • 9

    Can you take cell u loss with the 21 day cleanse?


  • 10
    trapti jain

    Kindly tell me how to take cell u loss with meal or 15 min before meal??



    when I should take cell u loss products


  • 11

    I take 3 Cell-U-Loss tablets per day, 1 with every meal. It cost me about $20.00 including shipping. If you buy the 4 main products, which is the Tea, Aloe, Protein Powder, and Meal Replacement, then you’ll be paying somewhere between $150-$180 depending on who your distributor is. Try buying from Amazon or EBay to pay even less for those products. Just make sure the product you buy from those sites are not expired or used. I’ve lost 32 lbs with the help of Herbalife, and Im still using it to help maintain my weight. Hope this helps!


  • 12

    1) May I know how long can we consume cell u lose?
    2) can we consume it likewise like multivitamin on daily basic for along ?


  • 13

    Can anyone let me know if you have to use product for more than 30 days. If so I’d have 2 order more. Thanks.



    Hi . I am a herbalfe distributor and yes you have to continue it monthly or when you ran out.i I you want email me and i can walk you throught the process


  • 14

    I had been using shakes for a month but no results..ya i have thyroid and hormonal imbalance too…but i informed the dealer and they said, that since the product is natural, it is guaranteed to work…But I was disappointed as I could not loose any weight on this venture. Now I am taking cell u loss along with Afresh since 1 week…Can anyone suggest why I am not getting any result. I dont have any time for exercise, but I had made it a rule to walk at least for 30 mins on my way to home frm office…I am restless n tend to stop it if no results are there…pls help



    Depends on how ur eating u can not eat fast food no bread or soda u need to Change ur eating habbits u also have to drink a lot of water n snak 4 times a day



    See ur doc for medication to balance thyroid … It’s not herbalife it’s ur thyroid problem


    Your Name

    hi, for thyroid patients it will take sometimes to start reducing initially it will controls the thyroid problem then starts reducing t
    the weight so keep trying dont stop surely u will get the result


  • 15

    I am taking cell u-loss and doing 2 protein shakes a day one for breakfast one at lunch and a normal dinner i have lost 9.5 lbs in 3 days. now i have incorporated 2 10min cardio exercises with my day so hopefully it will help. Does anyone know what other herbal life vitamin helps with boosting weight loss?



    Other Herbalife products that work very well with Shakes and Cell-U-Loss is: Flora Fiber


  • 16

    cell-u-loss is suppose to be taken one tablet three times a day with a meal. Some people like to double up on it.


  • 17

    cell u loss help me alot with my acumulated belly fat… i love it plus its all natural…no side effects and its only 20 bucks it will last about a month….ull notice results in about 2 weeks. i recomend workin out at least 30 minutes everyday..it really works i been usin it for a month and lost 15 lbs


  • 18
    jackie arroyo

    cell u loss is the best product i love herbalife


  • 19

    when shud cell-u-loss be taken and how frequently


  • 20
    melina hernandez

    can u take cell u loss while pregnant?



    no and neither during breast feeding


  • 21

    You make it sound as if the cell-u-loss itself is $150. That is included with one of the weight loss packages that include a number of weight loss products. You need to do some research on Herbalife and the program they have designed for weight management. I’ve had results and referred many others who have been successful with losing weight on Herbalife. That $150 is cheap compared to what you have to spend on Weight Watchers or NutriSystem. They can cost you well into the hundreds of dollars every month.



    Today only started to take lets see