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Cellan is an all natural weight loss supplement that claims to be able to help you lose 28 pounds in just 10 weeks. There are several weight loss supplements on the market today that make claims like these, without being able to back them up with real results. Read this review for a closer look at the ingredients to see if there is any way this supplement could work.

List of Ingredients

Cellan contains the following ingredients:

  • EGCG Extract
  • Berry Blend
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B3

Product Features

Cellan does not feature any surprising and revolutionary ingredients. There may be more ingredients than what is on the list above, as this list comes from the advertiser and not an official product label. EGCG extract is thought to increase fat burning power in the body by up to 33%, without using the caffine stimulant naturally found in green tea. The berry blend contains raspberry ketones, blackberry extract, and blueberry extract. Raspberry ketones have been shown in clinical studies (in mice) to increase fat burning, while blue and blackberries are a source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin known to help boost the immune system, and is part of the production of carnitine, which is an amino acid that helps the body move fat through the cells. If you don’t have vitamin C to make carnitine, you will not burn fat. Vitamin B3 is also known as niacin. This is the vitamin responsible for converting carbs into energy, rather than storing them as fat.

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  • Cellan contains all natural ingredients.
  • This product comes with a money back guarantee.


  • Cellan may contain more ingredients than what is listed above, as this dos not come from an official product label.
  • Though a free trial is offered, this requires you to enroll in an automatic shipment program.
  • You only get to try Cellan for 16 days, which is not enough time to see real results.
  • This product does not promote using it with diet and exercise.
  • At $89.52 per month, this is an expensive supplement.


Cellan is one of the products we recommend you proceed with caution. The supplement is expensive, and it could be really easy to forget to cancel the trial. Without any substantial evidence to support that it will help you lose weight, we cannot say whether or not it will work. There are plenty of other supplements on the market that will work in concert with diet and exercise to help you reach your weight loss goals, and we recommend you try one of those, rather than locking yourself in with an automatic shipment program.

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46 User Reviews about Cellan

  • 1
    maria mcgahern

    I would love a free trail of this product…do you have to diet with these tablets and when and how many do you take a day ..regards maria


  • 2

    Cellan sounds great … i would love to try it… what the number u call to get it?


  • 3

    I phoned them and ordered 3 bottles of Cellan. I was charged once, and never again. They were very helpful on the phone. I told them that I wanted to buy three bottles, but I do not want to be on their automatic shipping program, and that was fine with them. I gave them my credit card info, I was charged ONE time, and never again. Maybe all you people with negative reviews about being billed should read the fine print and use your head like I did. I think this product works, and when I run out of my pills (which I use at my own speed, so they last longer) I will order more over the phone. Its not a scam if you use your brain. If you sign up for auto shipping, guess what people, they’re going to ship you the stuff every month whether you use it all up or not. When it comes down to it, they’re in it for making money.


  • 4

    I want ye 2 stop sening me them pill as I do’t use that d what eve money ye have takin out I want it back


  • 5

    I have tried this product and it works great. It helped me loose 9 lbs in about 2 months. I recommend it.


  • 6

    I bought the trial cellan aswell and I read all these comments and got scared and cancelled it. I rang the helpline number and they were very helpful, they answered straight away and cancelled my order. I did ask would I be charged again and the woman said absolutely not. It takes 3-5 working days for the refunded amount to go back into your account. So I don’t know now.


  • 7

    best thing ever invented! i have lost 2 stone by taking them. 2 stone in 3 months! ITS NOT A SCAM


  • 8

    Load of Crooks. All they want to do is get their hands on your bank details and STEAL YOUR MONEY. No use writing to them even when you return products. They wont bother to answer. I even change my debit card but somehow they still managed to take money. Have contacted Trading Standards and Scottish Police. STAY CLEAR OF CELLAN. If you want to try their product try Amazon, cheaper there and no monthly fee!!!!



    After I saw all the review I got scared and I immediately cancel..I checked my account and they just deduct 4.95 euro.. I need to change the debit card in order to prevent them to charge me again? Does Cellan really works?


  • 9

    Thieving bastards! they steal your money, fob u off and refuse the ‘money back guarantee’ promised!! they are impossible to contact and when you do finally manage it they are beyond useless! please heed the warnings people and realise if it all sounds to good to be true IT USUALLY IS! and in this case nose certainly.


  • 10

    this is ridiculous is a scam posting comments is good but i think there is more we can do to help other from falling into this horrible situation i gave my card out for p&p and they have charged me more without my consent.gave them a call for refund and all i was told was they will give me 50% of my money back i was really fumming to extend that i told them i will report he company to the police for fraud.


  • 11

    DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT – I ordered the trial and had product sent every month after until I called to cancel then a few months later they started billing my credit card again so I had my bank stop any further deductions and called them to cancel months later after the stop was obviously lifted they started deducting my credit card again and finally I called again and hopefully that’s the last time or I’m cancelling my credit card.



    I would like to Cancel my order where do i do that ?


  • 12

    Do not buy anything called CELLAN or GCBX – green coffee beans or african mango stuff. They trick you in to some monthly ‘contract’ and you will only realise it when you look at your bank statement in shock-horror with unouthorised payments of £80 a time for nothing. The site I ordered from is not working any more, but I see very similar sites with similar company names advertising the same s…!
    Save yourself from an embarrasing call to your bank!!!


  • 13

    con con con they just steal your money get on to your bank and block them


  • 14

    DONT DO IT , Quick to take my money , i recieved nothing and yet again they have taken they have taken alot more money out of my account , i have e-mail them nothing back . will now be talking to the Bank re Fraud Department ..


  • 15

    This product is a scam!!Experienced the same as above.Taken £150 x 2 out of my bank account.My bank is investigating as they are both unorthorised transactions.I have the item unopened ,deducted the money but haven’t received anymore tablets.This is a scam so stay well clear this product should be exposed to watch dog.


  • 16

    Paid postage for trial. Took 16 days to arrive before I could try discovered my credit card had been charged AUD$180 for product. Emailed the address was advised that cancellations not accepted by email. Rang tge number which took long time to answer. Finally got through and was told about T& C. I was charged for full product before starting the trial! Managed to cancel all future orders or soI thought. Was charged twice after that, each time received cancellation confirmation. Only way to get my money back was to dispute at bank and cancel my credit card. Will never do on line trials again .


  • 17

    Complete scam. Never sent me the trial product so I emailed and cancelled within 9 days. They have taken $318 from my credit card and say that i should have phoned to cancel and they will not refund!!!!
    This company needs to be taken down!


  • 18

    Was about to order this product, but now I won’t be buying cellen at all thanks to these helpful comments !!

    I’ll jut stick to the old fashion way


  • 19

    Tried Cellan for a month but made no difference to weight loss, cancelled within trial period following their instructions but they still charged me for the next months pills (which I never got!)


  • 20

    Total scam, you dont get a Free Trial for cost of postage, theyve took £80 out my account without my consent and Im still waiting for a refund. Stay clear !!”"


  • 21

    I never even thought about this being a scam until I actually tried to cancel my free trial. They wanted to give me a second month free trial and pay thereafter. No way. I wanted a £5.95 free trial with no strings attached. Ladies don’t fall for this!!!


  • 22
    Heather Howell

    Just rang customer services there to get my money back and I was told the terms and conditions were very clear!! What a total scam all I was able to do was cancel the contract so they wont take any more money out of my account. Think I have learned a hard lesson no more internet shopping!!


  • 23

    I have just been scammed too!! Paid the postage and packing fee for my months trial and just found out they’ve taken a further £120.00!!! fuming not the word, that was my sons birthday gift money!!!


  • 24

    I don’t understand why people are posting requests for refunds to this comment section. If you have had good or bad experiences with the product or customer service, fine. But this is not the supplier’s website and they are not reading these comments.


    Breda Johnston

    Im replaying to ur email i think its a good idea that people put post up about this scam,if it wasnt for these posts i wudnt have had a clue to cancel them and we do no its not the suppliers website but the more people to put posts up everywer then more people like me will no ti cancel!!!!


  • 25

    Just ordered some of these ”free” trial pills, now reading these reviews, i have immediately emailed them back to cancel, will my money be taken out still? and will they actually cancel? x



    Please see my comment further down, they told me that email cancelling wasn’t accepted (even in the required time). They took $318 from my account and never sent me the product!


  • 26

    i ordered to try and then several months later had $150 taken out of my bank without consent. I tried calling customber service and was just on hold for ages, no one answered! its fraud!!


  • 27

    how can i cancel this product because it continues sending me and i want to stop now! i think it takes my money from credit card a lot but i don’t have the contact number please help me



    Check the bottle of the product and you’ll find the phone number there. Customer service is not bad at all.


  • 28

    AND when the post office send back one of my orders bc my mailnox was too full Cellan offered to either A) send the shipment again or B)refund my money for that shipment. i dont know why im the only one that has has a good experience with them but i didnt have ANY problems.


  • 29

    i signed up for the free trial and then when i called to cancel they asked why i was cancelling and i told them honestly i hadnt even tried the pill and im not going to spend $85 a month when i dont need to lose a lot of weight so they extended my free trial for another month AND they gave me 50% off all my future orders… at $42 a month it was worth it. they were actually very helpful, no complaints. as far as the pill goes…ill be totally honest i still havent used it but now i have 7 months worth of pills in my cabinet lol.



    Hi Alyssa!

    Which phone number did you call to get this service?
    I have been trying to get in contact with them for a while but the phone number on the website is wrong!
    Can you help me??



    Phone number is on the bottle and the one on the website is not wrong. They are quite helpful. Just let them know what they can do for u.



    Maybe you should sell it, if you don’t need them?


  • 30
    mick kelly



  • 31

    What a joke they are take your money when youhave said you dont want it then give no refund !!! they steal from you !!!!!!!!


  • 32

    I agree with the above, it is a SCAM! I ordered the product and when I didn’t receive it i rang the customer service numbers as provided and it connected me to a completely different service who had no idea who I was.
    Those people who have given credit card details, contact your bank to stop further payments being withdrawn.
    Also, if you think ‘I’ll wait another day or two’ READ THE FINE PRINT. If you don’t cancel the order you will be automatically deducted monthly for the full price of the product!


    mick kelly

    this is a scam Please give me my money back– igave ye permittion to take 3.99 euro and ye have taken 60euro this is robbery and i will fight to get it back –MICHAEL lESLIE kELLY


  • 33
    Carly L

    This is an absolute scam! I gave these people my credit card details for my FREE TRIAL to pay for the Postage and handliong of $5.00 each!! I have since been charged over $300.00 on my credit card without any authorisation! VERY UNFAIR. I want my money back!!


  • 34
    Susan Wehl

    Why are you sending the next months supply when I have only had the product for a week. Not long enough to say if it is working or not. So I want to cancel next months supply thank you.


  • 35
    sue weatherill

    I ordered the trial and you have so far taken out $351.98 out of my account with no further product. My inital trial bottles are still sealed.
    If the product is so good why would u need to scam ?


  • 36
    Norma Coveney

    This is a scam. Money is taken from your Visa card without your consent, as they get your visa card number for P +P only. So far they have taken $360 from my card, which I am trying to get back. People who work there should be ashamed of themselves.


  • 37

    i payed for u only for trial.but u have taken $76.19 +95.48 without knowing me on 28/11/2012.its unfair.i send u e mails too about this.i need my money back.pls refund my money as soon as possible..
    thank you