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Cellubike is an exercise device that claims to zap cellulite through the power of infrared technology, which was recently featured on ABC’s The View. The Cellubike itself is a simple exercise bike fitted with numerous infrared sensors, which are designed to “heat” problem areas while you exercise. Through several guided sessions with a local trainer, Cellubike claims people will lose up to 7 1/2 inches of body fat. Cellubike’s official website also contains a detailed FAQ and testimonials that back up these results.

Cellubike truly is a different approach to reducing cellulite, but you’ll only find this in a spa or fitness center. Each session usually costs around $100 (the cost of the session depends on where it is located) and to complete Cellubike’s program, you will need to participate in 15 sessions. Cellubike claims it is the best way to remove cellulite without resorting to surgery, but the lack of evidence — and positive testimonials on other independent sites — is a cause for concern.


This is an exercise program, therefore there are no ingredients to list.

Product Features

Cellubike claims that it works because of infrared technology, which they explain in detail on their website. According to Cellubike, infrared heat helps remove cellulite by softening the area where it is directed; through exercise, the softened portions are excreted through the skin. The manufacturers also advise increasing the amount of water you drink to see the best results. It is not clear how Cellubike developed this — they do not provide any scientific data supporting their claims.

Furthermore, infrared sensors mimic the effects of a sauna, which Cellubike testers have noted. Typically this removes water weight, which naturally decreases inches in problem areas but will return once the body is supplemented with water and food. The Cellubike does engage people in actual exercise, so some body improvement is noted. However, there is no conclusive evidence showing that the highly publicized infrared sensors will remove cellulite.

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  • It is a legitimate exercise device, so participants should see some general improvements with use.
  • There are no dangers associated with the device, and people of all ages can participate.
  • Disadvantages

    • There is no evidence offered supporting Cellubike’s infrared science.
    • Weight loss will probably not be permanent — infrared heat will probably cause a person to lose water weight only, and this can be easily regained.
    • Completing all 15 sessions as recommended will cost roughly $1,500, which is too costly for some participants.


    The Cellubike is a new, inventive way to exercise the body’s core, but as for reducing cellulite, there is no conclusive evidence from outside testimonials or scientific trials proving these claims. The price is another downside for this new exercise device, but for dieters who desire a different way to exercise, this should provide enough of a challenge. However, after looking at the evidence, we’re kind of skeptical if this is anything more than an exercise bike with lights on it. Dieters should stick with a full exercise plan, as Cellubike will not exercise all parts of the body.

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