Cellucor MS1 Extreme Review

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If you are taking the time to search for a supplement that assists with getting fit and slimming down, it is beneficial to browse the web. After all, the web offers the largest selection of weight loss products and fitness supplements to meet various needs. One product you might consider is Cellucor MS1 Extreme. This is a dietary supplement that is primarily geared toward weight lifters and bodybuilders. It is available for $53.99, and is sold through online distributors like bodybuilding.com.


  • BCAAs
  • Vitamin B6
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Acetyl L
  • Carnitine Amino Transport

Product Features

Cellucor MS1 Extreme is a capsule formula that aims to build lean muscle mass, repair damage, improve focus, and help you get fit. Clearly this dietary supplement is specifically for those who workout regularly and embrace strength training exercises. After taking a closer look at dealer websites, it appears that Cellucor MS1 Extreme has now been discontinued for some reason or another. There was a satisfaction guarantee provided with this supplement formula.

There are several ingredients mentioned for Cellucor MS1 Extreme capsules. These include Carnitine Amino Transport, BCAAs, Phosphatidylserine, Acetyl L, and Vitamin B6. As you may already know, Vitamin B6 will help boost your energy levels. As for BCAAs, these are branch chain amino acids, which aid with muscle repairs, as well as muscle building. This supplement is taken daily in doses of four capsules, and it should be taken with a glass of water. There were no user reviews or testimonials found for Cellucor MS1 Extreme. As for actual weight loss, there are no key ingredients used in this supplement to burn off fat or suppress appetite.

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  • This dietary supplement may help build lean muscle mass.
  • Cellucor MS1 Extreme capsules help repair muscle damage.


  • There are no weight loss ingredients used in this supplement.
  • Cellucor MS1 Extreme may lead to side effects in some users.
  • This supplement formula has been discontinued by the manufacturer, for some reason or another.
  • There are no testimonials or success stories found to support this product.
  • This formula is more for muscle building than it is for weight loss.


Overall, Cellucor MS1 Extreme comes across in a similar manner to many other supplement formulas for muscle building. While it is nice to see that this formula contains BCAAs, you should keep in mind that it is really just for people who are into bodybuilding and regular weight training. Cellucor MS1 Extreme lacks weight loss ingredients, and may not assist with weight reduction at all. On a separate note, this dietary supplement has been discontinued, so it is not available for purchase anyway. Fortunately you can check into other, more promising weight loss options.

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