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What You Should Know

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Cellucor is a collection of weight loss and muscle building supplements. Delivered in capsule form, the manufacturer claims that this product revs up the metabolism (thermogenesis) and promotes muscle gain with its five main ingredients. Rapid weight loss and appetite suppression are also promised by Cellucor distributors. This product also claims to give the consumer high energy without crashes. The company credits itself on only using the best products and relies on exposure through word of mouth as opposed to aggressive advertising campaigns.

Cellucor offers free shipping to its customers and touts their system for only requiring six components and say other comparable programs try to sell consumers dozens of products. This product has been criticized for being expensive or hard to access. However, this product is now sold on the official Cellucor website as opposed to only franchise organizations in the past.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients vary depending on the specific Cellucor product.

Product Features

Many of the ingredients are said to act as adrenal stimulants which heat up the body’s metabolism. The Cellucor D4 solution is delivered in bottles of 90 capsules each. There are weight loss enhancing and water loss products that can be bundled with the primary Cellucor solution. The Cellucor plan comes with six products, three each for muscle growth and weight loss. The muscle growth products are said to increase testosterone, maximize cell hydration, and minimize the body’s recovery time after workouts. The weight loss compounds are said to increase adrenal output, thyroid level,s and reduce water weight.

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  • Cellucor offers many different weight loss and muscle gaining products.
  • Some of the Cellucor products contain thermogenic ingredients.


  • Some Cellucor products are quite expensive. The Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock costs over $80.00 including shipping.
  • Some Cellucor products contain stimulants.
  • Third party reviews give very mixed reviews on the effectiveness of Cellucor products.


Cellucor products seem to be primarily marketed to those involved in weightlifting and bodybuilding. The muscle gaining supplements are very high tech and feature state of the art ingredients but the weight loss products contain some ingredients that aren’t very well known. The weight loss products offered by Cellucor vary from fat burners to stimulants to water weight reducers. These are favored by bodybuilders to help them drop as much water weight and excess fat as possible before a competition but may not be a long term solution for weight loss. We believe these products may work well if you already have a strict exercise regimen in place but the casual dieter might want to keep looking.

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  • 1
    Luis Aguioar

    hi. Im taking the Cellucor P6 BLACK. Its been like 3 weeks. I work at the oil fields and they do random drug test. Will this product show positive on a drug test???


  • 2
    Steven Steele

    I have been using C4 for about a year with what I thought was no side effects at all. I was feeling fine, more energy on my work outs, no fautigue afterwards. I just went for my annual physical only to find that my PSA (Prostate) levels have tripled this year. I am now in for several more blood tests, uncomfortable proceedures and I am hoping for negative results. I knew that the only change I had made this year was adding the C4 to my diet so I checked the warning label a little closer. I wish I had taken it a little more serious a year ago…..



    I’m in the same boat Steven. I went from a PSA count of 1.64 to 4.10 in just one year. I was taking P6 black and then red at the time.





  • 3

    does the pills have a expiration date?


  • 4

    You said p6 extreme shows on a drug test? If so, how long does it take to test clean?


  • 5

    probably not because your metabolic rate doesn’t show up on a drug test ; but p6 will for a fact



    P6 extreme shows? If so, how long to flush the system and appear clean?


  • 6
    Pete Borrego

    Will D4 Thermal Shock make someone fail a drug test because of the ingredients that are in it and show up as something else?


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