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Cellufite is a collection of cellulite-reducing sprays and creams manufactured by NaturalMax, that has been recently advertised on TV as “the most effective cellulite-reducing agent in the country.” Normally TV infomercials are a cause for concern for many people, who worry that the product itself won’t yield any substantial results. Cellufite claims this is not the case, however, offering two formulations infused with amino acids. Spray and cream forms are available for people with different needs — the spray is ingested, whereas the cream is massaged onto problem areas. Cellufite claims that both formulations target cellulite pockets and claim to remove them from the inside out, leaving skin soft, smooth, and cellulite-free. Cellulite may stand out because of its innovative approach, but its proprietary blend draws question marks in terms of safety and results.

Unfortunately for most consumers, Cellufite is not available in any retail stores. Cellufite is available through its official website for $34.45 per bottle, and its spray formulation is available for $39.00 per bottle. It also comes with a generous 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with its results. It also claims to conform to all FDA guidelines, but is currently not approved by the FDA.


There are no official ingredient lists available to reference. However, Cellufite claims its ingredients are herbally-based and contain 191 amino acids. This may be potentially unsafe to take, given the fact that Celufite refuses to reveal its ingredients.

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It is difficult to evaluate Cellufite’s true effectiveness, but the use of amino acids may provide a few clues. Numerous studies have shown amino acids help promote elasticity and collagen in the skin, which in turn makes the skin more taut and less prone to cellulite. It must be taken in certain dosages to achieve this benefit, however, and is usually taken in natural form for the best potency. Cellufite might help improve the skin’s appearance, but no evidence links its ingredients to complete cellulite reduction.

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  • It comes in two forms for people who desire different application methods.
  • It claims to contain an herbally-based formula.
  • It utilizes amino acids to achieve cellulite reduction, which is a method backed up by some studies.


  • There is not a complete ingredient list available, making this potentially dangerous to ingest.
  • There is very little information about the actual product of Cellufite’s official website.
  • Cellufite offers no scientific evidence backing its claim to eliminate cellulite entirely.
  • Cellufite’s amino acid mixture has less effectiveness when ingested in synthetic form, as opposed to through normal dieting.


Cellufite might improve the skin’s appearance with its amino acid blend, but without a complete list of ingredients available, it is impossible to evaluate how effective it actually is. Cellufite’s price will make this product more accessible than other top cellulite products, but beware – its safety is unknown. Cellufite might be an adequate solution for stubborn cellulite, but should not replace any diet or exercise program. An exercise program paired with an herbal supplement will yield the best results in terms of weight loss.

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