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Cellulaze is a cellulite treatment performed in a doctor’s office. The procedure is similar to liposuction, but fat is pressed out of small holes in the skin. Cellulaze is not meant to treat large areas of fat. Treating small, lumpy areas can take as long as 1.5 hours so treating multiple areas or larger areas could require multiple appointments. The cost of Cellulaze is often set by the physician performing the procedure.

Not all dieter are eligible for Cellulaze. This is not a weight loss program or a program to tuck skin after extreme weight loss. Doctors have the right to turn a patient away from treatment if they feel the patient is not qualified for the procedure.

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  • Minimally-invasive cellulite reduction procedure.

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Cellulaze is one of the more unique procedures we’ve seen for cellulite removal. The procedure involves numbing the area where fat is to be removed. Typically this is an area where then fat is bulging and not affected by weight loss. A small incision is placed in the skin and a laser is fed through the incision. Fat is melted and squeezed out through the hole. Once the procedure is complete, the patient may have to wear a special garment to compress the area. Total time off work is one to two days. Total recovery time before full activity can be resumed is one to two weeks. Total recovery time until optimal effects are noticeable can reach 12 months. There is bruising and pain associated with the procedure.

In addition to reducing the amount of cellulite under the skin, the skin actually thickens after the procedure. Before and after photos are available on the Cellulaze website and the results are not as dramatic as we expected. The reduction of cellulite is minimal. It almost appears as if the skin is pulled slightly to decrease the rippled effect of cellulite.

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  • Reduces the look of cellulite under the skin.
  • Thickens skin for a smoother look.
  • Can be performed in the doctor’s office.


  • Cellulaze is not for the dieter with a lot of weight to lose.
  • The results are not as dramatic as the dieter may expect.
  • Optimal results can take more than one year.


Cellulaze is an invasive procedure, though minimally invasive compared to some other weight loss surgeries. The process takes up to three hours with preparation and after care, but the time spent having Cellulaze is limited to about 1.5 hours. The procedure will not increase weight loss and cellulite can to the same area around where fat was removed.

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    I had the Cellulaze treatment about 6 weeks ago and am NOT seeing results. In fact, it looks worse than before I started. I have a good surgeon. I’ve been seeing him for over 10 years. He did lipsuction for me, breast implants, botox, and juviderm. I’ve been happy with everything else he’s done. However, this Cellulaze has not worked for me yet. He said to be patient, that it could take up to 6 months, but it seems that most people see results by now. So far, I am disappointed, and worried.



    Where did you have this procedure done? Have you seen any improvement yet?



    Please update me.. i came through many no-efficacy-testimonials here and i am not sure if i should opt for it or not