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Cellulean is a popular cellulite-reducing cream produced by MWT Inc., which rose to fame after being featured on ABC’s Los Angeles affiliate, ABC 7. ABC7 has verified Cellulean’s claims, reporting 78% of women using Cellulean lost 2 inches of fat after using the product. Cellulean has also been featured in numerous magazines, including Elle and Men’s Fitness.

Cellulean gained popularity over the years because of its use of Aminophylline, which they claim eliminates fatty deposits under the skin. It uses a mostly natural blend of herbs, which they claim smooths skin and eliminates fatty tissue within 30 days. Their claims are proven by numerous print and media sources. Although the FDA has not evaluated Cellulean for safety and effectiveness, Cellulean claims its product is completely safe to use.

Cellulean is easy to apply, and comes in a cream form that should be massaged gently into problem areas twice daily. Cellulean is currently available in 6 oz. bottles for $69.95, which will usually last for around a month. They also offer a trial bottle for $10.00, although they claim that this is “free.”


Aminophylline, Soy Lecithin Liposomes, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Ginko Biloba, Phosphatidyl Choline, Grape Seed Extract, Linalool Lavendar, Hedera Helix Ivy, Vitamin A, Menthol, Capsaicin, Macadmia Nut, Tilia Cordata, Allantoin, Fennel Seed, Vitamin E, Horse Chestnut, Horsetail Extract, Seaweed Extract, Shea Butter, Bladderwrack, Cupressus.

Product Features

Cellulean emphasizes the use of Aminophylline, a common asthma drug. Aminophylline works by relaxing the muscles and releasing restriction in the throat — Cellulean reasons this works when applied to the skin, which they back up with several studies. However, other studies seem to dispute this evidence. Cellulean also combines other caffeine-related ingredients because this enhances the strength of Aminophylline. The safety of this, even when applied topically, is a huge concern that Cellulean never addresses.

Caffeine is also a large component in Cellulean, which is used in medical cellulite treatments to lessen cellulite visibility. Caffeine stimulates outer tissue when applied topically, which makes it more taut and compact.

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  • Cellulean contains caffeine, an ingredient physicians say decreases cellulite visibility.
  • Cellulean is easy to apply, unlike other cellulite-reducing substances.
  • They offer a $10.00 one month trial for interested participants.


  • There is no conclusive evidence supporting Aminophylline as a cellulite reducer.
  • It is extremely expensive, especially considering the amount given.
  • Cellulean does not address the safety of its product.
  • As the name implies, cellulean is intended more as a spot treatment for cellulite than as a weight loss aid.


Numerous news and print sources consider Cellulean very effective, but its price might cause others to look elsewhere. This is an option worth looking into if you need to get rid of a couple of inches, but this should not replace a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

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