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Cellulite (60 Tips) is a book by Florence Remy. We can assume from the title that it contains 60 tips to help the body get rid of cellulite, but we are unsure exactly what these are. It’s generally an accepted fact that the way to get rid of excess fat on the body is to have a strict diet and exercise regiment. We feel that no matter what other tips are offered in the book, at least these two things should be mentioned. Also, when researching good weight loss books of any sort online, it’s a good thing to make sure there are editorial reviews and customer reviews available, to get different perspectives on the book. We could find no customer reviews, but there was one editorial review on Amazon, saying how concisely and helpfully the information was phrased in the book.

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Cellulite 60 Tips has about 125 pages with various tips on how to get rid of extra fat and cellulite. These range from simple dieting and exercise regimens to learning more about the genetics that control your body’s fat distribution. Other methods include an aquatic gymnastics and exercise course. As we were unable to actually obtain a copy of the book, we can give no further information about what this really means or how effective it is. All we have to go by is the one editorial review. However, it has to be noted that even editorial reviews can be biased. It’s best to get a customer review who actually tried some of the methods described. We would also hope that there is a section in Cellulite 60 tips that describes some thermogenic supplements. Thermogenic supplements will help the body to burn fat more easily, and would work well with a good diet and exercise program. However, we aren’t sure if this exists.

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  • The book Cellulite 60 Tips could potentially have some good hints. We aren’t sure yet, having not been able to read the full text of the book.
  • On Amazon, it’s sold for a cheap price – at the time we looked we saw it on sale for $12.
  • There are many varied approaches and diets discussed – some of them are likely to be effective in some way.


  • Although the tips in the book are potentially good, the author isn’t known to have any expertise in the field. Some people might want an author with proven credentials.
  • There were no consumer reviews of the book, making it hard to determine how it was helpful to the average person.


This book is on sale for cheap, at least by some of the other products we’ve seen on the market. We aren’t sure yet how valuable a resource this will be, but in our experience we find knowledge to be a good thing to have in all aspects of weight loss products. Hopefully Cellulite 60 Tips will be of help to some customers – it sounds promising but we can’t know for sure.

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    it works is a company that has a patch and you will loose your cellutite. I was at a party today and they did it to a few people and I was very impressed. “IT Works” is the name. ck it out.


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    Leslie Mitchell

    What is the best way to get rid of cellulite for a woman in her 40′s?



    whats the deal with the belt. how much is that? no caffeine, alcohol, sugar no processed foods is the answer im greek been told i look 25-30.i drink polish mineral water and a beauty tea with coq10 for $4 bucks and love it. think raw and minimal on the salt. ido eat pommegranites, raspberries apples and make my own homemade soup. no salt…so im neurotic i don’t care it pays off belive me the smartfatremoval patch curbed my appetite and when the weather opens up ill walk 2-3 miles a day.no ifs ands or buts..yoga and exersize tapes.oh im writting a book.enough said.