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Cellulite Factor is a fat reduction system written by Dr. Charles D.C. The doctor is a chiropractor, but has training and certification in nutrition. According to a free video on his website, you can eliminate the look of cellulite in minutes without dieting or exercising. This is the first indication that the system is faulty. You cannot eliminate cellulite without losing fat and fat loss requires weight loss via diet and exercise. Any other method is simply a temporary fix to the situation.

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  • Virtual Cellulite Reduction System

Product Features

Despite the claims that you can reduce cellulite without diet and exercise, the Cellulite Factor system comes with a diet menu and exercise log. We found it interesting that the word exercise was misspelled in the video. You cannot purchase the Cellulite Factor program unless you watch the entire video – something most dieters will not stick around for unless they are truly looking for that free tip the doctor promises.

According to the Cellulite Factor you can return the program, which retails for $47, at any time for a full refund. Returns are processed as a full refund, but you are allowed to keep the program after the refund is processed. Basically, the program is completely free if it does not work – so you can try it a hundred times, but you must request the refund within eight weeks of purchase.

Dr. Charles D.C. does mention some of the recipes available in his recipe book, including mousse and buckwheat. Expensive ingredients are a huge reason why some dieters stop following a weight loss, or in this case cellulite reduction, plan. You shouldn’t have to buy a completely different set of groceries to lose weight.

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  • The virtual cellulite reduction system comes with a 100% guarantee.
  • The dieter can keep the program after receiving a full refund.


  • The Cellulite Factor system is not going to be successful for everyone.
  • You have to watch the entire video to purchase the diet program.


Cellulite Factor may give you interesting and unique tips on how to fight cellulite and smooth skin once and for all, but there are some concerns when it comes to virtual programs. The price at nearly $50 is huge and the plan is not outlined in enough detail to sell the dieter on the program. The fact that you can request a refund and keep the program sets up the company for lots of sales followed by lots of returns.

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