Cellulite Reduction Reviews

Cellulite Reduction Reviews
Cellulite. The very word sends shivers of fear and disgust down most women’s thighs (er, spines). Women spend a lot of money on topical ointments, creams, lotions, cellulite reducing machines, spas, and wraps trying to rid themselves of this ‘scourge.’ Cellulite is simply a collection of fat cells under the skin. Why are women more prone to this skin-dimpling malaise than men? Simply put—it’s just the way we’re made! It pertains to the way that fat, muscle and connective tissue is distributed in our thighs, hips, and buttocks. In layman’s terms, it’s the way that fat deposits distort and push the tissue beneath the skin, giving it a topographical map look. Not very flattering.

Enter cellulite reduction. Most women prefer smooth skin versus skin-dimpling and bulges, therefore treatments for cellulite are very popular. Some of the most popular treatments include:
● Dietary Supplements—These boost the metabolism and improve circulation that helps to break down fat and move it out of the body
● Creams & Ointments—These are topical chemical treatments to the areas prone to cellulite, which again break down fat stores. Many creams do not have the ability to penetrate deep enough to be a long-term effective treatment
● Laser or Light Therapy—These treatments combine suction and manipulation of the skin
● Massage—This treatment is usually conducted by a machine that use rolling cylinders that tend to redistribute fat—and this treatment requires ongoing maintenance
● Collagenase—This is a natural occurring enzyme that breaks down collagen (the connective tissue that binds cells together) by injection—but is still in the experimental stage

There are many other treatments you can read about on these pages to make an informed decision about the best cellulite reduction therapy for you.

Best Cellulite Reduction Reviews