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Celluslim is an herbally-based diet supplement that claims to eliminate cellulite and fat through its unique blend of vitamins and natural herbal extracts, including Vitamin E and Cod Liver Oil. This is a unique type of diet pill — no promises of weight loss here. Instead, they claim these ingredients will remove cellulite easily and effectively, without any diet or exercise needed. Simply swallow a Celluslim capsule with your daily meal to allow the blend to absorb. Unlike other cellulite reducers, this is ingested instead of applied topically; many skeptics are wary about Celluslim’s actual cellulite-busting power. Despite the controversy surrounding it, Celluslim is still a widely popular cellulite treatment in the United Kingdom, where it first originated.

Although Celluslim does not offer a money-back guarantee, which may discourage some dieters, it is relatively inexpensive. Celluslim is currently not readily available through retail stores, but it is available through many online stores for $19.84 per bottle. As for Celluslim’s true cellulite-blocking power, this is up for debate — most of its ingredients have conflicting results when swallowed.


Not Listed on Official Site: Vitamin E, Kelp, Evening Primrose Oil Powder, Red Clover, Cod Liver Oil Powder, Juniper Berries, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Horse Chestnut, Gotu Kola, Herb Powder, Grapeseed Extract, Lecithin.

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Celluslim may promise amazing results such as the elimination of cellulite and extra body fat, but its ingredients reveal a different side to this tale. Upon closer inspection, all of Celluslim’s ingredients provide no benefits in reducing cellulite. Many of these ingredients help support healthy skin and vitality, but there are no studies linking them to cellulite reduction. Strangely enough, Celluslim also does not provide any evidence on how it eliminates cellulite. Furthermore, one potent cellulite-reducing chemical, Vitamin E, is best absorbed through the skin instead of internally, where it can penetrate the skin for better results. Celluslim might provide some benefits, but there is currently no evidence showing it will eliminate cellulite — and its testimonials tell the same story.

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  • Celluslim uses Vitamin E, which helps diminish the appearance of cellulite.
  • Celluslim contains all-natural ingredients.
  • Its price makes this supplement pretty accessible for any dieter in need of a cheaper diet aid.


  • They offer no money-back guarantees.
  • There is no clinical evidence supporting Celluslim’s claims of eliminated cellulite.
  • Outside testimonials claim Celluslim resulted in little to no reduction of cellulite.
  • Most of its ingredients are not linked to fat reduction.


Although Celluslim takes a different approach to cellulite reduction, it does not seem potent enough to provide noticeable benefits. Supplementing a body with helpful herbs and vitamins will improve the appearance of skin, which in turn diminishes the look of cellulite, but that alone will not eliminate cellulite. Overall, this looks more like a general skin health product to use. Dieters are encouraged to eat a healthy diet and initiate an exercise regimen to see permanent benefits. Celluslim is not a miracle worker, but will probably provide some benefits for the skin.

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