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Cemicore is a sugar and carb-blocking supplement designed for use with the GI Diet, otherwise known as the Glycemic Impact Diet. It claims to work on a cellular level to stop the absorption of sugars and carbs, therefore reducing cravings, weight gain, and increasing metabolism for effective weight loss. Cemicore backs up these claims with an exclusive clinical trial conducted by their manufacturer.

Cemicore was created to enhance the effects of the GI Diet, so this supplement will only provide support to those diligently following the diet. Without an official site to reference, it is difficult to verify its authenticity — you’ll only find this supplement sold in select online stores for $39.99 per 90 count bottle. With no money-back guarantees or samples to try, Cemicore seems risky at best. There are many restrictions that won’t appeal to the average dieter, but there are some proven benefits for people completing the GI Diet, including increased weight loss.


Not Listed on Official Site: Vitamin C, Calcium, Chromium, Vegetable Fiber, Banaba, Gymnema, Sylvestre, Fenugreek, Super Citrimax, Vanadium, Guarana, Korean Ginseng Root Extract, Eleuthro, Green Tea, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Pharmaceutical Glaze, Silica, Dicalcium Phosphate.

Product Features

Cemicore uses two proprietary blends to target weight loss, and according to a clinical trial conducted by Cemicore, it effectively targets weight loss. Unfortunately, its effectiveness only comes from its second proprietary blend, which contains Guarana, a proven stimulant, and Green Tea. Both ingredients have scientific backing as potent weight loss agents. Green Tea boosts metabolism, promoting faster weight loss, whereas Guarana naturally delivers energy to a body’s core. Both of these ingredients must be used in ample amounts, however. There is currently no information about Cemicore’s recommended dosage available.

Despite the results from its official clinical trial, there is also no evidence proving Cemicore exclusively promotes weight loss with people on the GI Diet. Cemicore does not explain how it blocks carbs or sugars from being absorbed. It appears this supplement is suitable for anyone, but the mixture of unknown ingredients makes this supplement potentially risky to take, especially for those with allergies.

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  • It was designed specifically for people on the GI Diet to meet their metabolic needs.
  • It contains two proven weight loss ingredients, Guarana and Green Tea.
  • Cemicore contains no ephedrine.


  • Cemicore offers a very limited approach to weight loss.
  • It contains caffeine. If taken in excess, dieters might experience unwanted side effects and “jitteriness.”
  • It is difficult to obtain Cemicore itself – it is only sold in select online stores.
  • There are no money-back guarantees. Proceed with caution.


Cemicore might provide some benefits, including increased energy and increased metabolism, but its approach is too limited to be used as a full diet supplement. This might be worth a look if you are already diligently following the GI diet, but for those who wish for a simple solution for weight loss, this will not provide any real aid.

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    I have not been able to find Cemicore. Is it off the market? If not, can you tell me where I could purchase it. It worked wonders for me.