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Cenafil is a weight loss product that’s intended to achieve its goals by reducing appetite as well as keeping the blood sugar levels balanced to control food cravings. Appetite suppressants are a very common tool for weight loss, so there are many products on the market that claim to do the same. We aren’t willing to make recommendations without first looking up as much information as possible about a weight loss product. It turns out that Cenafil makes use of certain herbs and formulas to do its work. One of these, Hoodia extract, looks rather promising. However, even the best diet supplement won’t be of help unless a normal diet and a good exercise regimen are used. We feel that Cenafil could have some potential, so we’ll review it to see what type of benefits it can have.


The main ingredient of Cenafil appears to be Hoodia. Hoodia is an herb that has been commonly in use since ancient times. It’s found in South Africa and has been known to exist in deserts, where it helps people to survive using less food and water. In other words, this translates to it being a very powerful appetite suppressant. We aren’t certain of Hoodia’s side effects, but we do caution against possible dehydration. However, Hoodia is a rather scares item – there are other ingredients that the product uses, such as vanadium. This helps to control blood sugar levels. We feel that a good thermogenic ingredient to increase the body’s metabolism would be a worthy consideration.

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As of this review, it seems that the Cenafil website offers discounts for purchasing it in bulk. We are unsure if it’s sold anywhere else online, because many of the stores we usually check list it as no longer for sale.

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  • Cenafil seems to contain several appetite suppressants such as Hoodia, which has been proven to be effective at helping weight loss. Also, Vanadium acts as a blood sugar stabilizer.
  • There don’t seem to be harmful ingredients normally – we would advise against too much of any appetite suppressant, however.


  • There are very few places online aside from the official enafil website where this product is sold. We feel it would be more widely available if it were proven effective.
  • There aren’t many testimonials that really can give us an idea of Cenafil’s abilities.
  • It makes unhealthy weight loss claims – there’s a certain amount of weight that can be safely lost, but the product claims to allow for more.


We would have to find more information on Cenafil before deciding whether to recommend it. It’s always best to take note of the promises a company makes about its product. Generally speaking, anything more than 10 pounds in a month period is too much to safely lose. We also think that it’s important to make sure there’s plenty of information about products available, and with Cenafil there really isn’t.

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