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What You Should Know

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CentriLean’s official website claims that this weight loss pill is a “breakthrough” product that will help overweight people shed excess pounds. The “breakthrough” part of the product is that people who choose to use this pill should not have to change their lifestyle or eating habits. This means that the makers of CentriLean believe that no exercise is necessary to lose weight and that people who use this product can eat whatever they want in whatever quantities they want and still be able to lose weight. The main sale’s pitch on the official product website is “lose weight without even trying”.

List of Ingredients

A complete list of ingredients for CentriLean is not posted on the product website. The product is said to contain Konjac Root and Thermaxium. CentriLean does not contain ephedra.

Product Features

The maker’s of CentriLean state that in a clinical study, 79.5% of people’s weight loss while using their product was pure body fat and not water weight. The product website states that the pills have been tested and proven to be safe for weight loss. The pills contain Konjac Root, in which the main component is glucomannan. Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that is water-soluble, and which has shown promising results in weight-loss studies and has also been shown to lower cholesterol in some studies. Thermaxium is a supplement that contains green tea extract. Green tea extract has been shown to produce several general health benefits such as extra energy, and the ability to help prevent certain digestive and respiratory problems.

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  • You can try CentriLean risk-free for thirty days. If you do not lose weight in the first thirty days of using CentriLean, you can send back the empty bottle and receive a full refund.
  • The product is affordable, at $29.95 and it currently comes with a promotion of Buy 1 Bottle, Get 1 Free. The website also offers free shipping and handling.


  • The fine print is confusing. CentriLean is marketed as a pill which you can take and lose weight without dieting or exercising. The fine print, however, says that you will achieve better results if you exercise and diet.
  • The manufacturer’s official website for CentriLean does not list the full product ingredients.
  • The website does not show any real before and after photos or list customer testimonials to demonstrate the product’s effectiveness.


As with any weight loss supplement, it is important to know all of the ingredients. Unfortunately, the official website for CentriLean does not list the ingredients. It would be helpful to have before and after photos as well as customer testimonials to help make the decision on whether or not to purchase and try these weight loss pills. It is good that the ingredients which are listed have promising results shown in other clinical studies, however, it is important to do further research on this product because the manufacturer does not provide nearly enough info.

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15 User Reviews about Centrilene

  • 1

    Does this product effect or interfer with medications you are taking for medical reasons?


  • 2

    well my girl friend tryed it twice and people it don’t work waste of money


  • 3

    i want to know is this pill good for your stomach?


  • 4

    well i am one of many people who decided to try this product..i see there are a lot of quetions that need answers….so after my 30 day trial is up i will come back and post my results…i am currently taking Hoodia which is a dietary supplemant.it reduces yur appetite and so far its been doing pretty good along with a lil excercise. Its been almost 3 weeks since ive started both the hoodia and hitting the gym and ive lost almost 15 pounds..so thats just a lil info i thought i should throw in there for people who are trying to loose some weight..its hard at times, but well worth every bit.



    Hey swella, the commercial says that you lose a significant amount of belly fat. Is this true in your case?






    The main ingredient is konjac root and is a natural diarretic/laxative of sorts. You have to really watch what is on the screen when you see these products. It is now being marketed under another name but is the same identical product.

    People, if one doesn’t work out and eats whatever they want, it will catch up to that person….no matter what. It is just getting through the first few days of pain.


  • 5

    does this product hurt those who take medication for mental issues such as bi-polar and axiaty disorder?


  • 6
    Michial Lawrence

    Where does the fat go? There is another product that makes the same claims. People are warned on the product website to be carefull. You could sneeze or cough or even laugh and have the excess fat evacuated from your rearend. Users are not to wear light colored pants while using the product. Is this product the same way?


  • 7

    I am trying to lose fifty pounds, is there anybody out there who has tried this product with great results?



    Here’s one for ya..The girl who does the commercial(Kathy Derry) has been thin her whole life..I went to gymnastics with her! It’s bull!!



    It is easy to point fingers rather then admit. Kathy Derry is reason for you to continue doing nothing as opposed to something to better your health. good luck


  • 8

    is it really safe to take for someone who needs to loose about 100 pounds



    what are the ingredients?



    today will be my frist day i try centri lean