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Ceraplex is a supplement from Brain Research Labs. This dietary supplement is designed and marketed towards those looking to increase memory. It also contains several ingredients that increase energy and can be used in combination with exercise to increase weight loss by providing the user with more energy.


Ceraplex is designed by Brain Research Labs to increase memory and focus. The ingredients contained in this supplement include: R Alpha Lipoic Acid, Resveratrol, Curcumin, Quercetin, Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12) and Ginkgo Biloba.

Product Features

Ceraplex is designed to be taken as a memory booster and to assist the user in focusing. This dietary supplement also has the added benefit of increasing energy levels as it contains several ingredients which can increase energy and boost the immune system. R Alpha Lipoic Acid and Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12) can increase the user’s energy levels, this can be beneficial to those who are looking for a natural energy boost to increase workouts. Another promising ingredient is Resveratrol, this is the ingredient found in red wines that are suppose to be beneficial to slow the aging process. The other ingredients in this dietary supplement can boost the immune system leaving the user feeling better. As a memory boosting dietary supplement Ceraplex does not provide adequate information proving its effectiveness. It does not contain stimulants such as caffeine but does contain essential vitamins such as B12 which can increase energy. This product also does not provide the needed ingredients to be a successful weight loss supplement. It can increase energy but fails to include a fat burner or an appetite suppressant which are critical in a proven weight loss supplement. Ceraplex can be purchased on the dedicated website for $30 plus shipping and handling. Brain Research ;labs promises a money back guarantee but does not offer a free trial offer for Ceraplex. Consumers are also enrolled in an auto shipment program when ordering Ceraplex from the dedicated website.

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  • Ceraplex is a dietary supplement which is available through a dedicated website.
  • There is quality information provided on the official website for Ceraplex.


  • Ceraplex is designed as a brain boosting supplement and does not contain vital ingredients for a high quality weight loss product.
  • The official website for Ceraplex does not offer a free trial offer.
  • Consumers ordering Ceraplex from the official website are enrolled in an auto ship program.


Ceraplex may be able to provide a boost in energy and improve the user’s immune system, but there is little evidence to prove this is a memory boosting product. It also does not contain the needed ingredients to be a successful weight loss product. Consumers looking to increase energy levels and lose weight at the same time should look for a proven weight loss supplement which contains a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. This weight loss supplement should have a dedicated website from which the product can be purchased. It should also offer a free trial or a money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

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  • 1
    bobby velez

    Does this product effect getting my wife pregnant?


  • 2
    Lydia Karue

    I have been taking these drugs for that three months. I have not experience
    any change . I am a student and i thought these drugs could have been of great help to boost my memory. need advice because they very expensive drugs.


  • 3
    William Peter Simonetti

    As I have just opened my last bottle of “Ceraplex”; I would like to know if I have been placed on an automatic monthly shipment? I happen to think that I am! Please confirm my belief