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Cetilistat is a weight loss product developed by a company in the United Kingdom. Weight loss is something many people have trouble with, simply because they either don’t know how to do it effectively or they have a poor diet that might be high in fat or cholesterol. This makes it hard for the body to get good nutrients, and the makers of Cetilistat seem to have taken this in mind when they developed their product. According to the website, it acts more with the peripheral systems of the body rather than the brain. This is good for short term results possible – the product works by acting to block the metabolization of fat within food. Theoretically, this is supposed to make it so you simply don’t digest fat and therefore don’t get as much weight and calories from a particular morsel of food.


At the time of this writing, there is no official listing of the ingredients found in Cenafil. However, it’s said to contain fat blockers which are part of what it uses to achieve its effects. However, research shows that these fat blockers can also block some critical vitamins like A, C, D, E and K. Obviously, this could have negative effects. The immune system, eyesight, and other senses could suffer. Also, vitamins C and E help to keep the heart and lungs functioning properly, and vitamin K makes the blood clot properly.

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We would advise caution when dealing with fat blockers for these reasons, because it does no good to lose weight only to suffer malnutrition as a result of not being able to get the vitamins you need to live healthily. We tend to prefer products that simply help you to avoid eating as much fatty food with appetite suppressants or act as thermogenics like Avesil.

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  • Given the effects of the product, we can safely assume that there are no harmful substances like caffeine that would potentially dehydrate the body like diuretics.
  • It’s possible that this product may be effective in weight loss.


  • We feel it necessary to warn that actually blocking the absorption of fat into the body could cause problems in the long term.
  • This product doesn’t act as an appetite suppressant, but just blocks fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream.
  • There are no testimonials online at this time.


Because there is no official ingredient list for this product online, we can’t say for certain what it can or cannot do. Although we like the fact that it tries to take a different approach, it’s also a potentially dangerous method. This product could prove to be effective, but we recommend that you be cautious when using it if you choose to purchase it.

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