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ChaLEAN Extreme is a set of 15 DVDs produced by Extreme Home Fitness and created by Chalene Johnson. Chalene Johnson is a fitness celebrity who has created workout systems such as Turbo Jam and Turbo Kick. She is an author, clothing designer, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. She created her own unique workout style incorporating tae kwon do, dance and aerobics. The premise of this workout system is the principle that more muscle mass burns fat. It incorporates weight resistance training with cardio and abdominal workouts in a 90 day time frame. The package contains 15 DVDs, a guidebook, body fat tester and thigh toner band. ChaLEAN Extreme is available for purchase through the internet and by phone.


Not Applicable. The items required for these workouts include resistance bands, weighted gloves, a DVD player, and the DVDs. The resistance bands and weighted gloves are available on the websites for purchase separately.

Product Features

ChaLEAN Extreme is a fitness systems designed for consumers who want to lose weight and body fat. It contains 15 DVDs divided into phases of workouts using circuits of exercises. The first phase uses resistance bands or weights to jump start the metabolism. The second phase increases the intensity of the weight resistance training. The third phase is the lean phase working multiple body groups at the same time. All of the phases incorporate cardio training and abdominal training throughout. It also includes an instructional workout to show the consumer how to safely do the exercises. It is important to follow the direction of Chalean Johnson during each workout to ensure safety and prevent injury. A food guide including recipes and motivational audio CD are included. The guidebook outlines the workouts the consumer should do each day and in what order to maximize results.

The company guarantees that the consumer will lose 60% of their body fat and transform their entire body in 90 days. It also states that the consumer will not develop bulky muscles, but will lose inches and develop lean muscle mass. Some of the websites include a 30 day money back guarantee as well. The company offers weight loss and nutritional supplements for separate purchase on its website as part of the ChaLEAN Extreme fitness system. The system can be purchased through several company websites and retailer websites, but the supplements and accessories are not as widely available.

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  • ChaLEAN Extreme incorporates weight resistance, cardio and core training in its workouts.
  • ChaLEAN Extreme is designed for home use, so it is attractive for those consumers with limited time to participate in a workout program.
  • ChaLEAN Extreme includes a dedicated workout to modeling the safest execution of the exercises.


  • ChaLEAN Extreme’s price tag for just the basic workout system may be excessive for those consumers watching their budget.
  • ChaLEAN Extreme’s prescribed workout regime with daily workouts may not be feasible for those consumers with busy schedules.
  • ChaLEAN Extreme exercises may be too difficult for those consumers looking to lose a large amount of weight or those consumers that have never participated in weight resistant exercise programs.


ChaLEAN Extreme is designed for weight and body fat loss through exercise and diet. Consumers looking for maximum results should consider the use of weight loss supplements in addition to the workout regime and diet prescribed by ChaLEAN Extreme. The ChaLEAN Extreme weight loss supplements are available, however, not widely promoted as part of the system.

Consumers should look for a weight loss supplement which offers a dedicated website. This website should have documented clinical trials proving the effectiveness of the product. It should offer money back guarantees and free trial offers to ensure consumer confidence. This weight loss supplement should be available through the dedicated website, and include a fat burner and an appetite suppressant. The combination of a proven weight loss supplement with a healthy diet and exercise program can produce significant weight loss.

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