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At first glance, we thought ChaLean was a weight loss supplement, but what we found was a fitness program. There are 15 workouts on 6 DVDs included in the ChaLean package. In addition, the dieter receives five free gifts – Ab Burner, Extreme Abs, Fat-Burning Food Guide, Pro-Grade Resistance Band and Thigh Toner Band. There is also a picture of a fat caliper, a tool used to measure body fat, but that is not mentioned as part of the free tools included with ChaLean.

List of Ingredients

Workout DVD package.

Product Features

The 15 workout DVD series includes sections titled Burn, Push, Lean and Extreme Cardio. A workout tracker is located at the bottom of each workout so the follower can see progress time and have an idea of how much longer they have to complete the workout. This is a good and bad thing. Some people use trackers to help push them harder to achieve more during the workout. Other people may see it as a downer if they feel tired and the tracker shows the workout has just begun.

There are reviews listed from customers who have purchased the program. The average rating for ChaLean is 4.9 out of 5 stars. Testimonials are also available for dieters to read. The testimonials have before and after photos. Dieters have lost extreme amounts of weight and redefined their bodies using ChaLean.

There are bands included with the ChaLean purchase, but the videos available on the website show followers using dumbbells of varying sizes in a gym setting. This could mean the dieter has to purchase fitness equipment to complete the workout series or the results attributed to ChaLean are facilitated with free weights and gym workouts.

ChaLean is an expensive DVD series. The package described on the website sells for three payments of $29.95. That is nearly $100 for a workout series. Claims of redefining the body in 90 days are eerily similar to P90X. If the workouts are on the P90X level, they could be too hard for beginners.

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  • ChaLean is sold through an official website.
  • Reviews are positive.
  • Before and after photos show weight loss progress from using ChaLean.


  • May be too difficult for the beginner.
  • Costs more than the average workout set.
  • May require the dieter to purchase free weights or other fitness equipment.


ChaLean appears to be an intense workout series aimed at redefining the shape of the body. Before and after photos from followers using ChaLean show dramatic results in 90 days, but the product description claims results will be noticeable in just 30 days. We feel the beginner may be a little out of their league with this DVD series, but people with a fitness background should be able to follow along just fine.

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