Chaleco Slimming Thermal Tank Top Review

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You will not have trouble finding “instant” slimming products nowadays. In fact, you may have seen a few in local clothing or department stores. These garments are typically suitable for women, and they are usually claimed to cause immediate results. The product we are going to examine in this piece is the Chaleco Slimming Thermal Tank Top. You can find it on Amazon for $55, and it can be worn for 8-10 hours per day. The question is, does this slimming garment actually work?


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Product Features

The Chaleco Slimming Thermal Tank Top is intended to accelerate your weight loss results through “high compression.” This firm control top improves your body shape, provides micro massage, instantly lifts, and helps flatten your tummy area. It may also help narrow your waist and hips. You can expect a waist reduction of one to four inches after 30 days of use. According to Chaleco, this girdle-like garment also increases the size of your bust. It can be worn underneath your regular clothing, and can be machine washed.

Unlike some similar products, the Chaleco Slimming Thermal Tank Top is stated to be very comfortable. It is made from latex fabric, 100 percent brushed cotton lining, and advanced powernet fabric. The firm compression of this garment is supposed to cause the body to eliminate stored fat. Since this corset product is made with a type of memory fabric, it will mold to your body over time. The Chaleco Slimming Thermal Tank Top can be an addition to your regular diet and exercise program. On a side note, you can expect to perspire more underneath this corset.

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  • This girdle/corset forms to your body over time.
  • This garment can be worn easily under your regular clothing.
  • The Chaleco Slimming Thermal Tank Top causes an instant slimming effect.


  • This garment does not address appetite suppression, calorie burning, or overall health.
  • A dietary supplement will likely cause more significant weight reduction.
  • Some women may find this garment to be hot and sweaty.
  • The Chaleco Slimming Thermal Tank Top is $55.
  • Some women may experience skin irritation from this corset.


Before you purchase a garment like Chaleco Slimming Thermal Tank Top to cause instant slimming, think about your long-term weight loss goals. This type of product tends to mask the problem, rather than tackle it head on. Even if this garment makes you look a little slimmer, once you take it off, the effect is likely gone. In other words, this product does not boost your metabolism, suppress your food cravings, or truly aid with fat loss. This is why we do not recommend garments like the Chaleco Slimming Thermal Tank Top.

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