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Dieting and weight loss are very competitive industries in America, and there are many products that claim to help people more easily lose weight or keep it off. Reader’s Digest is one of the leading magazines that covers various subjects in this area, and they have released a program that claims to be effective. It’s called Change One Diet, and mainly, the program is online. Everything that you supposedly need as far as advice is on the website, which you have to join to receive for a fee. Every week, emails with advice about healthy eating, workouts, and other things to lose weight are sent to members of the program. Mainly, the focus of the program of Change One Diet is a low-fat and low-calorie diet, along with moderate exercise. We’ll review this program to see if it’s possible to gain any significant advice from it.

Product Features

Change One Diet is in the form of a website. The main methods the program uses to help people lose weight are through forums for support, weight tracking devices online, a staff of trained nutritionists to help with weight loss and dietary advice, and meal plans. Also, there are plenty of utilities where different members can chat about their ideas for meals, recipes, workout programs and more. Overall, the program stresses a healthy diet and exercise. There isn’t too much mention of thermogenic products on the website. We feel that it might be better to do this just to cover all the bases. Sometimes people do need fat-burning supplements to aid in their weight loss goals. However, it’s good that as is, Change One focuses on healthy lifestyles over relying on medicines, because medicines only grant a quick fix usually. The program costs $11.65 per month after a $14.95 initial fee.

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  • Change One Diet stresses a healthy diet and a good exercise regimen, two things which are very important. Many programs tend to just talk about medicines to take.
  • There are plenty of resources such as chat rooms, meal plans, and trained nutritionists.


  • The only way to get a lot of information is to sign up, which is unfeasible for us to do. We would appreciate more information about the program without having to sign up.
  • From what we can tell, the diets mainly focus on having a low calorie count without really focusing much on nutrition. At least that’s the feel we initially got from the website. In the member’s area it could be different.


We like the idea of a support system, but we do wish there were more information provided upfront. This makes it hard to determine how effective this program really is. The idea of diet and exercise being stressed is a good one, and it should be used more often.

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    Tammy Payne

    I just thought I’d let you know that this diet is available in “book” form, unless it has changed significantly. Figured that might help in your review if you have access to getting the book.