Change Your Brain Change Your Body Review

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Before you select a weight loss program or dietary supplement to aid you with weight reduction, it is important to do some research. This is why we provided this review for “Change Your Brain Change Your Body.” This is one of many books on the market at this point claimed to assist men and women with getting into better shape. However, this book takes a slightly different approach to getting a great physique, which involves your mindset more than anything else.

It is all about the health of your brain, according to the author of Change Your Brain Change Your Body. If your brain is healthy, you can reach your ideal weight and maintain it, clear up your skin, sharpen your memory, minimize stress levels, avoid depression, lower blood pressure, and even enhance your sexual performance. There are no supplements or exercise tools involved with this approach to weight loss and better health.

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Change Your Brain Change Your Body” is a book written by one Daniel G. Amen, M.D. This text is focused on helping readers get the body they have always wanted, and keeping it. So basically, if you have a healthy brain, you can always stay youthful, energized and in great shape. According to Dr. Amen, this book is based on medical research regarding brain imaging technology. In other words, the Change Your Brain Change Your Body book informs readers how to take the best care of their brains. There are 15 different solutions described in this book, which focus on vitamins, natural supplements, nutritious foods, positive thinking, and lowering blood pressure. If it is necessary, medications for certain health conditions may also be incorporated into this lifestyle. The Change Your Brain Change Your Body text is 384 pages in length, and sells online through websites like for around $15.

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  • This book encourages positive thinking, which is good for your health.
  • Change Your Brain Change Your Body can be obtained online or in bookstores with ease.


  • There does not appear to be any exercise or fitness regimens mentioned pertaining to this book.
  • This method may call for a fairly drastic lifestyle change, which some dieters may not appreciate.
  • No convenient supplements are involved with the Change Your Brain Change Your Body approach.
  • There are some negative reviews on from those who have purchased this text.


It is no big secret that a positive mindset can get you far in life. This seems to be the primary focus of the book, Change Your Brain Change Your Body. However, this may not be the most effective approach to weight reduction for all dieters. Especially those who prefer a more direct supplement formula that burns fat or boosts your metabolism. On a final note, it is wise to read the reviews provided online for this book in order to get a better idea of what other dieters think of it.

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