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Changing Shape Fitness is an online weight loss and fitness program. According to the opening statement on the official website, a study completed by Behavior Modification found online fitness programs to be just as successful as offline programs. Visitors can take a free fitness analysis before signing up for the Changing Shape fitness program. Each fitness membership includes an online fitness program personalized for the user and a daily nutrition plan.

Videos are available on the official Changing Shape Fitness website from website users. There are also references to Fitness Magazine, Wave Magazine, Holistic Heart Health, Canada AM, Los Angeles Times, Killer Startups, eHow and

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Online Fitness Program, Online Personal Trainer, Online Daily Nutrition Plan, Customized Workout Routine, Exercise at Home Plans and Options and Online Weight Loss and Fitness Tools.

Product Features

Signing up for Changing Shape Fitness is simple. The user fills out a bit of information and pays the fee associated with the program they wish to enter. There are two payment options – $29.95 for 12 weeks and $59.95 for one-year. After paying the fee, users gain access to all the personalized tools available from Changing Shape Fitness.

While the program is touted as being comparable to offline weight loss and fitness programs, there is no personal interaction with other dieters or a program director. Dieters do not need to weigh-in at meetings and cheating is as simple as not following the exercise or nutrition plan. Changing Shape Fitness assumes the dieter has the drive to continue following the program when hunger and pain set in.

There is no mention of supplements or meal replacements in the provided literature. We assume dieters have some leeway in these areas, but we are unsure if meal replacements can be factored into daily menu plans. Dieters may find the guidance available through Changing Shape Fitness helps them achieve weight loss and fitness goals, but supplements like fat burners and appetite suppressants may help promote metabolism and prevent hunger commonly associated with falling off a new diet plan.

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  • The program is less expensive than a personal trainer or gym membership.
  • Testimonials are positive.
  • Changing Shape Fitness publishes video reviews from users.


  • The program assumes the dieter has the will power to follow the program.
  • There is no mention of calorie totals in daily menu plans.
  • Supplements and meal replacements are not mentioned.


Losing weight with the tools and fitness programs available from Changing Shape Fitness may be easier than tackling the details on your own. We like the idea of tools, calculators, fitness programs and meal plans being available to dieters for less than it costs to visit a personal trainer for one session, but we would like to see some in-person or live interaction between the dieter and support staff.

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