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Chaparral Labs is the manufacturer of anabolic precursors based in the United Kingdom. At the writing of this review, no specific corporate information is available about Chaparral Labs except for product information. The products are listed on third party sites in the United States as out of stock or discontinued, but are still listed as available by third party sites in the United Kingdom. The products include Epivol, Megavol and Trenevol-V.


Not applicable. Chaparral Labs claims to manufacture natural testosterone and hormone boosters with exacting standards.

Product Features

Chaparral Labs manufactures anabolic precursors, including testosterone boosters and prohormones. These products are designed for muscle growth. Some of the products contain additional ingredients to combat side effects such as gynocomastia, decreased libido, and liver and kidney effects. These products are designed for males over the age of 21 only. If children or females come in contact with these products, serious side effects may occur. Also, these products are to be used for 4 week intervals with 8 weeks off of the products. Consumers using these products that are competitive athletes must ensure that the products are not banned by their sports governing bodies which may disqualify them from competition.

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  • Chaparral Labs products claim to grow lean muscle mass faster than exercise alone.


  • Chaparral Labs corporate information is unavailable at the writing of this review.
  • Chaparral Labs products should only be used by males over the age of 21 and only for a short period of time.
  • Chaparral Labs products are available from third party sites in the UK, and the prices are in English pounds.


Chaparral Labs is the manufacturer of pro-anabolic products. The corporate information for Chaparral Labs is unavailable at the writing of this review. The product reviews and clinical trial information is unavailable as well. The products manufactured by Chaparral Labs are potentially dangerous for anyone under the age of 21 or females. The products also may be banned by governing bodies of competitive sports, so consumer should investigate the requirements of their sports prior to use. There are potential side effects to these products so a consumer considering the use of these products should consult a physician.

Consumers considering the use of a pro-anabolic supplement should choose a product with a dedicated corporate website. This website should outline clinical trials proving the effectiveness and safety of their product. The website should also contain consumer reviews of the products. The website should specifically outline the potential side effects for products. A consumer should thoroughly investigate any product and seek the advice of a physician prior to purchase and use.

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  • 1

    I wanted to know the proper order regarding the use of these products with these products and if I buy a product after cycle, if you tell which product to combine with these and the instructions for a safe and secure use of these products.
    in about a month should do the logical order
    Aspect of your response, thank you for your kind attention.


  • 2

    what would happen if I took this product in 8 week intervals and then a month off? I am a 42 year old male in great shape now due to this product and i dont want to stop taking it. I have been taking supplements for years and never found anything like this.I feel if I stop taking it I will lose all the work that has been done.