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Dieting and weight loss are very large industries in America. This is because overweightness is a very common problem in the United States. Many people who want to lose weight for health reasons or other reasons simply don’t know how to go about it – there’s so much advice on the Internet and elsewhere, but it often contradicts other sources. One thing that’s constant is that weight loss requires a healthy diet, exercise and a supplement with thermogenic benefits. One of these supplements is called Charge ASF. It’s a combination appetite suppressant and energy supplement. There are many products like this on the market, but we’ll review Charge ASF to see what benefits it can bring. We hope it has true thermogenic benefits that show up in a safe manner, without the use of diuretics to aid in weight loss. Products such as Avesil are more suited to safe thermogenic benefits.


Charge ASF includes Pantothenic Acid, Chromium, Green Tea Extract, Guarana, Bitter Orange, White Willow Bark, Ginger Root, and Charge Thermoblend as part of its formula. Each of these ingredients has a different benefit, but it appears that many of them are nothing special. Caffeine and guarana are two ingredients seen very often in energy drinks, and are potentially unhealthy. Caffiene is a natural diuretic, which can dehydrate the body through excess urination. This is intended to promote weight loss, but it isn’t a safe way to do it. Pantothenic acid and chromium are intended to help metabolize fats, carbohydrates and proteins more easily, thus allowing for easier weight loss. Another ingredient in Charge ASF to watch out for is White Willow Bark. It acts as an aid to workouts by suppressing muscle soreness. However, it’s noted that people who are allergic to aspirin shouldn’t take this.

Product Features

You can purchase this product on the website for $39.95 for 120 capsules – this should last approximately two months depending on personal use.

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  • The website is easily accessible, with plenty of information about the product. We appreciate this fact and wish more companies would be as forthcoming about their formulas.
  • It may have some benefit to weight loss.


  • Although the ingredients are listed, few if any of them really offer anything different to the weight loss market.
  • Caffiene figures prominently in the formula, and this can cause problems by dehydrating the body due to being a natural diuretic.
  • People who have an allergy to aspirin are advised to stay away from Charge ASF.


Overall, it doesn’t seem like Charge ASF really brings that much to the market – there are hundreds of products that claim the ability to help lose weight, and use many of the same ingredients. There are also products that don’t use caffeine as a part of their formula. We feel that resorting to diuretic-based formulas is a hazardous way to achieve weight loss.

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