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One of the hardest times in life for women trying to lose weight is menopause. Hormones are out of balance and metabolism slows to a crawl. Many women report weight gain during perimenopause and after menopause, but natural supplements could help, according to the Chattem New Phase Complete. The supplement is created with plant sterols to balance hormone levels. There is also a bit of naturally-occurring caffeine in the supplement to give women a boost. This product is not intended for weight loss, but it could help the dieter feel more like exercising and eating right by reducing the symptoms of menopause. Men should not take Chattem New Phase Complete as it is intended for women.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin D, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Manganese, Boron.

Multi-Herbal Isoflavones: Kudzu Root, Soybean, Red Clover, Isolase Plant Enzymes.

New Phase Extra Strength Proprietary Blend.

Product Features

Vitamin D and calcium are important to women in menopause due to the increased risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Vitamin B6 and B12 offers a gentle boost of energy, if only for a short while. The Multi-Herbal Isoflavones are supposed to support healthy hormone levels, but there are no clinical trials listed to support the blend ingredients. There are some in the nutritional field who stand behind the hormone-leveling/boosting power of soybeans and some who believe the claims are nothing more than a sham to sell supplements. Chattem New Phase Complete should have listed clinical support for at least some of the ingredients in the formula.

The New Phase Extra Strength Proprietary Blend is a mystery. We assume this is where the 50 mg of caffeine are hidden, but without a detailed ingredient list we have no idea if there are other stimulants or dangerous ingredients. No supplement company should assume the dieter trusts the company enough to take a supplement without knowing all of the ingredients. While the rest of the formula could support healthy hormone levels and help women in menopause regain a foothold on weight loss, this portion of the supplement raises a red flag.

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  • Contains ingredients that could help a woman in menopause feel fewer symptoms.
  • Supports healthy calcium and vitamin D levels.


  • Contains unknown ingredients that could be dangerous for some dieters.
  • The formula is created for women only.
  • No clinical trials listed supporting hormone-balancing claims.


Chattem New Phase Complete leaves a bit to be desired. The ingredient list contains some ingredients that could help women feel fewer menopause symptoms, according to the supplement description, but without a complete ingredient list no woman should take the supplement. There is a source of caffeine somewhere, but it is not listed so we assume it is in the New Phase Extra Strength Proprietary Blend.

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