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The main problem with diets when people are trying to lose weight is that sometimes people find it very hard to stick to them. After all, a lot of diets are extremely strict and require the user to give up many foods that they usually enjoy. Sometimes the calorie count is too low to give a healthy amount of energy to the body to get it through the day. Because of this, people often feel the need to cheat on their diets, and eat as they would normally. Diets that promise results without a change in foods are popular and so are the supplements that are taken to achieve this goal, such as the Cheat and Eat Diet supplement. This sounds appealing to people who want to relax occasionally. We feel that products of this sort should be realistic about their promises – there have to be some changes to either diet or exercise otherwise weight simply won’t be lost.


Cheat and Eat includes Chitosan, Gymnema Sylvestre, Garcinia Cambogia and Vitamin C. These ingredients all appear commonly in weight loss supplements. We can see that some of the more commonly used components like Green Tea extract, caffeine and others aren’t included, which is a good thing, because supplements that rely on caffeine aren’t generally that effective. This is because it acts as a diuretic that simply purges the body of its wastes.

It turns out that Chitosan is a relatively common ingredient that helps to burn fat. However, this would also block important vitamins and minerals. This can cause problems because of the body being malnourished. It does no good to lose weight if the body is being deprived of its needed nutrition.

Product Features

Cheat and Eat Diet supplements can be purchased for about $28.95 per bottle of 90 capsules. If you buy the larger bottle with 150 capsules you get a slight discount.

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  • It’s possible that the Cheat and Eat supplement may block fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream from eating normal foods.
  • There supposedly isn’t any need for a change in diet. Many people will likely find this appealing.


  • Although fat is blocked from entering the bloodstream supposedly, it also means that likely other important nutrients are blocked as well.
  • The supplements seem rather expensive, given that they seem to offer little that’s new. There are no real proven appetite suppressants like Hoodia or thermogenic ingredients like Avesil.


When looking for a weight loss product that can provide results, it’s best to make sure that it can also do so without causing risk to health from malnutrition. Also, there needs to be a proven ingredient included in the formula, instead of unproven and untested ones. The best weight loss products have medical studies and customer testimonials that reassure buyers that the product’s worth consideration. However, Cheat and Eat doesn’t seem to have any of this.

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