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The Cheat and Eat capsule formula for shedding excess body fat is available for purchase online. This diet drug is available without a doctor’s prescription and can be acquired through the official website for $17.95 (plus shipping and handling). Cheat and Eat capsules are supposed to give you the option to still eat the foods you enjoy while dropping body fat at the same time. There is no recommended fitness routine with Cheat and Eat supplements. This is one of those weight reduction products that aim to assist with fat loss without an alteration in lifestyle. The supplement is taken 30-45 minutes prior to a meal and should be consumed with a glass of water. It’s claimed that this diet drug works to block sugars and fats from being absorbed into the user’s body. Since fewer fat cells and calories make it to the bloodstream less food is tackled by the metabolism. Cheat and Eat is stated to be a “natural blend of ingredients.” Naturally the results from this diet drug vary from person to person, but some users have apparently dropped up to 35 pounds over time (after a few months of usage).

List of Ingredients

The four key active ingredients found in Cheat and Eat supplements are Chitosan (a substance from shellfish that attaches to fat particles and prevents them from absorbing into the small intestine), Garcinia Cambogia (helps the body burn off fat and calories as energy), Gymnema Sylvestre (blocks sugar from being absorbed), and Vitamin C (assists Chitosan).

Product Features

Cheat and Eat is a dietary supplement that endeavors to restrict the amount of fat and sugar that’s absorbed into the user’s bloodstream. This is supposed to lead to weight loss simply because there are fewer calories that need to be burnt off. 90 capsules sell for $17.95 via the website.

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  • Cheat and Eat is available to anyone 18 and older without a doctor’s prescription.
  • This weight loss product comes in the convenient form of a capsule that’s taken with water.


  • Cheat and Eat contains Chitosan, which comes from shellfish (not suitable for individuals who’re allergic to shellfish).
  • There is no refund offer or guarantee posted on the official website.
  • As far as clinical research goes, none is discussed on the website for support.


It appears that Cheat and Eat is one of those diet drugs that supposedly allow users to consume whatever they choose whenever they choose. While this sounds ideal in theory one may wonder if there are unmentioned side effects that go along with Cheat and Eat capsules. There is no satisfaction guarantee, clinical evidence, or money-back guarantee presented on the official website to effectively support Cheat and Eat capsules. Make certain you consult your physician before taking this diet drug.

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    Donna Stubbings

    I have an under active thyroid can I take this product