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The Cheater’s Diet is designed to help dieters who have trouble sticking with a strict eating plan for weight loss. The book was written by Marissa Lippert. Lippert explains how dieters can lose up to 20 pounds in just 8 weeks while eating and drinking all of the best things in life. The book contains meal plans, tips on nutrition and sections on eating during travel and in restaurants. Recipes are also included in The Cheater’s Diet book. Marissa Lippert is a registered dietician that claims to love great food. Lippert also writes for Glamour Magazine and She is an expert for the New York Times, Martha Stewart Weddings and Fitness Magazine.

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Weight loss diet centered on cheating with great food and drinks.

Product Features

Instead of addressing the problems associated with emotional eating and cheating while dieting, Marissa Lippert chose to write a book dedicated to losing weight while cheating. There are three main tips for cheaters on the official Cheater’s Diet website. Cheaters must gain control over their life schedule, reach for the best they can do and keep a food journal. There are also sections on shopping smart and healthy.

While the idea of cheating and continuing to lose weight is alluring, dieters may be disappointed to know the plan is nothing new. Losing weight requires making smart eating and exercise decisions most of the time. Weight gain is not associated with eating a high calorie meal at your favorite restaurant once a month. It is associated with making bad food choices every day for that month. The Cheater’s Diet simply offers dieters a weight loss plan that allows a high calorie meal or drink occasionally.

The Cheater’s Diet weekly shopping list includes healthy carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and low fat dairy products. Dieters are encouraged to cut calories in their favorite recipes by substituting high calorie sauces for spices and using healthy oils in place of unhealthy oils. These are all tips available free of charge on the Internet.

The Cheater’s Diet book sells for$16.84 on The book is also available from other retailers.

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  • Promotes healthy eating and exercise for weight loss.
  • Supports commonly known weight loss tips.


  • The Cheater’s Diet is not a new idea.
  • Dieters are expected to cheat just occasionally – controlling cheating can be a problem.


The Cheater’s Diet takes well-known weight loss tips and packs them together with the freedom to cheat. Despite the title, cheating is not allowed all the time and some dieters may have difficulty stopping once they start eating unhealthy, high-calorie foods. This book is not the best way to start a new healthier lifestyle.

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