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Among the many weight loss products out there, one of them is Cheaters Relief. This fat reduction capsule is manufactured by BSN and is claimed to be “very effective.” As you may already know, many weight loss supplements are intended to be taken daily in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise. As for this product, it aims to provide somewhat of a free ticket to eating “junky” foods. While taking Cheaters Relief capsules, the user is still able to indulge in food products that are calorie-rich.

In general, the human body has “regulatory enzymes” that aid in the digestion of carbohydrates and fat. However, Cheaters Relief contains special ingredients that endeavor to prevent these natural enzymes from digesting and storing the calories. So while the fat and carbs are sent out of the body, positive nutrients are provided to muscles. The major active components found in Cheaters Relief capsules are Chitosan, Cassia Nomame (Cassia Mimosides Seed Extract), Garcinia Cambogia, and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Unlike some other dietary supplements, Cheaters Relief is taken 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after a meal. These capsules are taken with eight ounces of water before and after each meal in order to address the carbs and fat in that meal. Cheaters Relief supplements cannot be taken more than three times each day.

List of Ingredients

(NeOpuntia® [Opuntia Ficus Indicca], Chitosan, Cassia Nomame [Cassia Mimosides Seed Wxtract 10:1]), (Citrilin HCL [Garcinia Cambogia 50% Extract For Hydroxycitric Acid], Phaseo-Lean [White Kidney Bean Extract Phaseolamin], R-ALA [R-Alpha Lipoic Acid], 4-Hydroxy-Lean [4-Hydroxyisoleucine Extracted From Fenugreek], and Cinnulin-PF® [Aqueous Cinnamon Extract]).

Product Features

Cheaters Relief is a weight loss product that is marketed toward both women and men who are struggling to lose weight. This supplement is taken daily, 15 minutes before and after meals, in order to potentially minimize the absorption of fat and carbohydrates. While Cheaters Relief is claimed to aid in the fat reduction process, it may also help with regulating blood glucose levels. It’s stated that anyone considering Cheaters Relief capsules should consult a physician prior to taking them. Individuals afflicted with conditions like diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, liver disease, anemia or thyroid disease should not take this diet product. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also not use Cheaters Relief. Cheaters Relief retails online for $29.99 (120 capsules).

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  • There are a number of online websites that sell Cheaters Relief supplements and no prescription is needed.
  • All of the major ingredients found in this weight loss supplement are revealed online.


  • Dieters may have to take Cheaters Relief up to three times every day, before and after meals, in order to see real results.
  • There is no refund option mentioned with this dietary supplement.
  • Not much information is available at this time about the company that manufactures Cheaters Relief.


In the end, the Cheaters Relief supplement is unique in the sense that it’s not really a fat burner, nor does it suppress the user’s appetite. This diet product is more of a carbohydrate and fat restrictor, which allows users to eat more of what they love, but without gaining additional weight. Because of how the product works, Cheaters Relief may not be what many dieters are after. You must take into consideration that this supplement will not really assist with weight loss, but rather more with weight gain prevention.

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    I’ve been using the cheaters diet pills for a week tomorrow. I have lost 5 pounds so far with minimal changes in diet and no real exercise other that some work in the yard and house. It’s amazing!


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    This product is amazing. I went to vegas with my fiance for 7 days and ate anything and everything I wanted…steak,pizza,gelato, 2-3 desserts a day and only gained about 2 lbs. I barely worked out. I used on average 8 capsules a day. Recommend it highly for vacation splurges.


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