Chef’s Big Book To Culina Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Chef’s Big Book to Culinary Medicine is a valuable information tool to show you how nutrition can help your body naturally treat a variety of conditions. In addition to using food to treat the conditions, the food can be used to help arm your body to fight against it and prevent many conditions all together. If you are interested in natural medicine and you want to use foods and herbs to help you feel better, with weight loss included, this is an ideal book for you to read.

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The Chef’s Big Book to Culinary Medicine does not focus solely on weight loss. Instead, it focuses on overall health, and using food as medicine. In this book, you will learn how to eat well to combat conditions such as: acne, ADD, Alzheimer’s Disease, chronic fatigue, and more. You will learn ways to prepare your food to keep the most nutrition in it. You will learn how to fall in love with your food again, this time without the guilt to make cooking and eating a more enjoyable experience. You will get information on the top foods you will find on the grocery store shelves so you can still get convenience, and you can still get restaurant quality taste, so you do not have to sacrifice your favorite foods.

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  • The Chef’s Big Book to Culinary Medicine addresses more than weight loss, buut overall health.
  • There are recipes and a meal plan included in the book.


  • The Chef’s Big Book to Culinary Medicine is not a diet specifically.
  • This does not mention exercise at all.
  • Not all foods will be available in all areas.
  • Some foods will be expensive, and therefore, not all people will be able to afford them.


The Chef’s Big Book to Culinary Medicine is an ideal choice for people who are looking to move to a healthier lifestyle. Not only is there good information about health and how what you eat impacts it, but there is a comprehensive meal plan and group of recipes. There is no information on exercise, so if you decide to use the information in this book and incorporate the meal plan into what you eat, then you will have to develop your own exercise routine to accompany it. Diet and exercise go hand in hand to promote weight loss, so one without the other will not yield the best possible results. If you are really looking for weight loss, you should also combine your diet and exercise routine with a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement containing an appetite suppressant and/or fat burner to get the most possible weight loss.

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