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In an effort to lose weight, many people end up turning to fad diets like the Atkins diet or others. Oftentimes this is because they don’t know how to properly form a nutritious meal that will enable them to get all the nutrients needed for the body yet still be able to lose weight. This has caused many pre-created diets and packages to appear on the market for people to buy and subscribe to. Many of them are created by health care professionals and dieticians who come up with a set amount of each kind of food that the body needs each day for all the vitamins and minerals. Sometimes this approach can prove effective – one diet, formerly called Zone Diet but now called Chef’s Diet, is one of these types of products. Whether or not it’s truly an effective result in the long run is up to the user’s other habits.

Product Features

The program works by having a series of pre-packaged meals shipped to the mailing address of the customers. Since the meals are already planned, there isn’t any need ot do the calculations for different nutrients. The original concept, back when this product was still called the Zone Diet, was created by Barry Sears, a biochemist. It calls for a proportioned meal balance. 40% proteins, 30% carbohydrates and 30% fats (non-saturated or trans fats) he felt to be the proper balance that would help to keep the body healthy and promote weight loss. California and New York City can have meals delivered daily. Everywhere else in the United States can only have a weekly supply sent due to the distances. Also, there are plenty of positive testimonials available to read online – we feel this to be a good sign of the Chef’s Diet’s effect.

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  • No fad diets are used, and sound nutritional principles are kept with these meals.
  • Every meal is already prepared and ready to eat, saving both the time of cooking and planning it.
  • Weight loss is likely with this product, as it relies on simple and proper dieting.


  • This is a rather expensive program – each meal costs about $15 per day to be sent to you, and many people may not have that level of disposable income.
  • Some people also may not like the idea of eating pre-packaged meals for worry about safety issues when mailing..
  • There is no refund or satisfaction guarantee.


We like the idea of a pre-packaged diet. It makes the customer’s needs easier and more convenient to meet without relying on gimmicks. However, it’s rather expensive for most people – they don’t have $15 per day to spend on meals. The basic principles behind the Chef’s Diet meals are good – balanced nutrition and calories are vital to a healthy diet that will promote steady and safe weight loss.

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6 User Reviews about Chef’s Diet

  • 1

    Hey guys, I’m on diet chef two weeks tomorrow, n I’ve lost 8 pound. I’m so shocked.. I didn even feel hungry. The food is lovely apart from mushroom stroganoff, it’s not my cup of tea! But all in all I think it’s a good programme so far so good. Anybody new trying. Put in this coupon code MYDHGCHH

    n you will get 20% off at :) I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, feel like my goal weight is not far away. Good luck to anyone trying the programme


  • 2

    I have been doing Chef’s Diet for at least 6 weeks. I feel that this meal plan does make it a lot easier if you put cost a side. I do not like to cook or to put my food together and this is also always ready. On some days if I do not like the meals, I do call up and complain. But, most days I have a salad for lunch, the breakfasts are just ok- I wish we were give more omelette instead of ricotta breakfasts, but on some days the breakfasts are good it just all depends. I get a lot of dinners that have fish and meat in it and I am pretty happy with that as well as the snacks and the desserts. Overall, I am pregnant and I am not trying to lose weight but I want to eat right. I am on a 1600 calorie count so I think it would be impossible for me to lose weight at the calorie count but what it does for me is I know I am getting my protein, my veggies etc. And, I know by me not eating all that sugar that I could be eating if I was making my own dishes or eating on my own, I am not gaining weight. I also add yogurts, fruits to this diet because i know that is ok such as apples.
    Anyway, if u are always on the GO, and can afford this plan, then you should check it out. The food is high quality or quite frankly I wouldn’t be eating it, and they serve good portions. You can give them a list of the foods you do not eat and they won’t send those foods and if they do by mistake you can complain and get a full credit for that meal. 5 credits are equal to 1 free day. All I know is before i went on this plan i gained 30lbs already for my pregnancy and once i started i barley have gained. They must be doing something right!!


  • 3

    YES .HOW MANY CALORIES PER DAY ARE THE MAELS?Are the calories low enough to help with weight loss?


  • 4

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CHEF’S DIET. They made an unauthorized charge of almost $3500 and the money took over Five days to get posted to my account. The sales person interpreted a friendly customer service call as a justification for renewal. They cannot be trusted with your credit card. Don’t go through what I did. Find a company that abide’s by their duty as a credit card merchant.


  • 5

    I need to know if this diet can help a diabetic lose weight.How does this diet work.



    If you buy the book, rather than the pre-packaged meals, that’s all explained. I have a friend who lost a significant amount of weight, by following the diet outlined in one of his books and cooking her own food, rather than killing her food budget on pre-packaged items. The benefit of cooking your own food is you learn how to eat in the ‘real world’. Good luck!