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What You Should Know

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Chemical Evolution is a website and online company that sells caffeinated products. Many of the products on the website are nothing more than novelty products that supply dangerous amounts of caffeine. These products are not designed for weight loss. The dieter should not use these products in place of healthy, safe supplements that boost metabolism and support weight loss.

We are also a bit concerned that the products look like candies. If a child were to consume some of the products from Chemical Evolution, they could suffer severe side effects and require hospitalization. It is extremely important to keep children away from the products sold by Chemical Evolution.

List of Ingredients


  • Supplement company featuring caffeinated products.

Product Features

The world is obsessed with caffeine. There are products on the market today that we never thought would exist. Caffeinated oatmeal, caffeinated marshmallows and caffeinated chocolate are just a few of the products available from companies like Chemical Evolution.

As a website and company, there is not too much to complain about. Chemical Evolution provides ingredients and nutritional information for all of the products they sell. There are multiple pictures of the products and reviews from buyers who’ve tried the caffeinated wonders.

Information on shipping, handling, returns, privacy and contacting the company are all available out in the open for the consumer to find. The company is completely transparent – we wish more supplement companies would offer this much information on the products they sell.

While we do not suggest using the products from Chemical Evolution to replace supplements for weight loss, we do recognize the fact that the company has great sales on energy products. Simply looking through the website from time to time you could find a cheaper price on a novelty caffeine product here than anywhere else on the Internet.

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  • There are tons of caffeinated products on the site.
  • The nutritional information and ingredients are listed for all products.
  • Some of the products are extremely cheap.
  • If you order more than $50 – shipping and handling is free.
  • The company contact information is openly available.
  • The products are not described as being more than what they really are.


  • Many of the Chemical Evolution products look like kids candy.
  • These products could be dangerous is consumed in excess.
  • Many of the products contain a lot of calories.


Chemical Evolution is a company that sells caffeine and just caffeine. There is a bit of everything on the website, but we are more impressed with the information than the products. While this is not a supplement company you will find all the information you need about each of the products the company sells without having to search high and low.

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