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Cherry Pharm is a manufacturer of cherry juice and is based in New York. John Davey, the President and CEO of Cherry Pharm, was a professional tennis player and New York businessman. He discovered that eating cherries helped ease his chronic back pain and thought that cherry juice could have the same health benefits. He worked with Cornell University to develop a method to extract the juice without losing the healthful qualities of the cherries. Charm Pharm was founded in 2006 and now manufactures cherry juices for health and exercise recovery.


Not Applicable. Cherry Pharm claims to use whole cherries for their juice, no juice concentrate or powder.

Product Features

Cherry Pharm was founded by John Davey who was a professional tennis player with chronic back pain who found that cherries eased his discomfort. Cherry Pharm manufactures three different versions of its cherry juice; Natural Health, Natural Light and Natural Recovery. Cherry Pharm uses only whole cherries in its juices to maximize the antioxidants and phytonutrients. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. The cherry juice is available for purchase through the corporate website or through select grocery stores that carry organic and health foods. A list of retailers is available on the corporate website.

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  • The Cherry Pharm corporate website offers scientific research to validate its health claims.
  • Cherry Pharm offers a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Cherry Pharm uses only whole cherries for their juices, not concentrate or powder.


  • Cherry Pharm juices may illicit an allergic reaction in some consumers.
  • Cherry Pharm juices taste may be too tart for some consumers.
  • Cherry Pharm offers three different juices so consumers should check the ingredients of each to ensure they purchase the one that meets their needs.


Cherry Pharm manufactures cherry juice for health and recovery uses. Cherry Pharm claims their recovery juice assists consumers with discomfort from physical training. These juices contain sugar so consumers concerned about sugar intake should be cautious. These juices are not marketed as weight loss products, but towards health conscious consumers and athletes. Juices can be purchased from the corporate website or select grocery stores, and can be purchased automatically on a specific shipping schedule from the manufacturer.

Consumers looking for a weight loss product should choose a product with a dedicated website. This website should contain clinical trial information proving the effectiveness of the product. It should also contain consumer reviews. Any weight loss supplement should contain both an appetite suppressant and fat burner for optimal weight loss.

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