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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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Cheryl Burke Disco Abs is a workout DVD focused on the abdominal region. The music is all classic disco and the instructor is famous for her place on the hit TV show Dancing with the Stars. There are three DVDs in the set, which is sold on for $25.72. We could not find an official website for the DVD series, though we did find several reviewing the series while promoting another abdominal fitness tool. The total running time for the workouts is 97 minutes, but that covers three workouts on three DVDs. Some of the titles included in the series are Boogie Buns and Thighs, Disco Abs, I Will Survive Cardio and The Beginner Hustle. Many of these workouts will focus on more than just abdominals, though many of the movements have twists and turns to engage the core.

List of Ingredients

Three workout DVDs set to disco music.

Product Features

It seems that more and more fitness DVDs are released to websites like without an official website. This is true of Cheryl Burke Disco Abs. An official website gives the producing company more space to offer sample workouts, product reviews, testimonials and before and after photos. The product description area on is relatively small and leaves the dieter looking for much more information. Reviews are often the selling point for a workout DVD of this sort and does offer plenty of reviews.

The most common complaint from consumers is a lack of cues during move transition. When an instructor moves from one movement to another, they often tell the followers what is coming next. Consumers claim the instructor does not appear to know what is coming next and therefore she never bothers to cue to the next move. Other dieters claim the workout does not include enough abdominal workouts, but it does contain more than enough aerobic exercise. Even the cool down is a bit too fast for some.

The DVD series sells for a little more than $25. While this price is a bit high, three DVDs are included, so the dieter gets three separate workouts adding up to nearly 100 minutes of instruction. This is good and bad. If the dieter likes the workout, more for less is great. If the dieter does not like the workout, there are just more DVDs to sit on the shelf.

Working out is part of weight loss, but so is a healthy diet. The Cheryl Burke Disco Abs does not address diet.

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  • Three DVDs for $25.
  • Aerobics and abdominals in one video.


  • May be too intense for some dieters.
  • Not enough abdominal workouts.
  • No cues transitioning between movements.


The average review for Cheryl Burke Disco Abs is middle of the road. The music is fun, but the movements are more aerobic than abdominal. Some users believe the workout is too intense and others love the moves. We would like to see a reduced calorie diet plan thrown in to set this DVD series apart from others.

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