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Chest Coach is a video series sold online to reduce unsightly breast tissue in men. The official website is less than professional and the photo shows DVDs, but the Chest Coach program is downloadable – the dieter does not receive physical DVDs in the mail. According to the product description, gynemastia or man boobs, is a common problem that men do not have to live with. Chest Coach and one of two select supplements, can help rid breast tissue for good. These claims are not supported with before and after testimonials or clinical research. Men should beware of trying a program without consumer reviews because it could just be skimmed material from the Internet sold for a profit.

List of Ingredients

Video series on reducing male breast tissue stores.

Product Features

The sales page for Chest Coach starts off explaining that the program works well without supplements, but there are two supplements that can help the man lose breast tissue faster. These supplements are Gynexin and Ultimate Gynemax. Ultimate Gynemax links to an outside page selling the supplement. The supplement website claims Ultimate Gynemax cures gynemastia – we are surprised the FDA has not jumped in and shut this one down yet. On a third page, the ingredients for the supplement are listed – green tea, B complex, cayenne and cocoa extract. Common ingredients to boost metabolism and heart rate. None of the ingredients are proven to remove fat tissue from breasts.

If the creators of Chest Coach promote a supplement based on lies and promises that are not proven, how can the dieter trust the Chest Coach to be based on anything other than lies? We suggest the dieter choose a fat burning supplement, eat healthy, do cardio several days a week and work on tightening chest muscles through weight training. These steps are likely to reduce fat stores in the chest area more than Chest Coach or Ultimate Gynemax.

Chest Coach sells for $40 from Clickbank, which means it is an affiliate product.

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  • May include exercises to build chest muscles.
  • Supports using supplements to lose fat.


  • The program is an affiliate eMembership – not DVDs as shown.
  • Chest Coach supports using supplements that claim to cure a disease.
  • The ingredients in the Ultimate Gynemax supplement are common.


There is no reason to believe the Chest Coach system will help a man lose breast tissue. The information provided, complete with misspellings and grammar errors, looks like a huge sales page with extraordinary claims and no before and after photos to prove those claims. We suggest choosing a weight loss supplement and a healthy diet to lose fat everywhere, including breast tissue.

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