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What You Should Know

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Chest Shaper is a website dedicated to helping men reduce the size of man boobs. Male breast tissue is often associated with steroid use, but in some cases, it can be linked to being overweight. Typical programs for reducing male breast tissue include workouts and supplements to burn fat and reduce weight. While the programs claim to be dedicated to man boobs, the workouts and supplements have no discerning factors that make them strictly for men or breast tissue reduction.

The official website for Chest Shaper includes a video introduction and a list of several exercises used to reduce man boobs. The exercises listed on the main page include Spider Man Pushups, Dumbbell Chest Press and Chest Dips. These are common exercises used to define pec or chest muscles. If this is any indication of the information in the Chest Shaper program, men should spend their money someplace else.

List of Ingredients

The website for Chest Shaper reads like an infomercial. There are references to personal experiences the author has had over the years that led him to create the Chest Shaper program. A bottle is pictured with other images of items included with Chest Shaper, but when the visitor clicks the link to order, it appears the only thing he is getting is access (membership) to a website and eBooks or a virtual program. There is no mention of a slimming supplement or ingredients that would be used to trim breast fat.

The price of the Chest Shaper is $39. The dieter gains full access to the secrets behind burning chest fat in just 14 days with that one-time payment. There is no guarantee the author will not pull the official website and leave the dieter with no access in the next day, week, month or year.

As for the average dieter wishing to lose weight – there is no specific information for the dieter on the Chest Shaper website. Most of the information is a retelling of bad stories the author experienced before he lost his man boobs. Chest workouts will not rise resting metabolic rate or burn additional calories along the same lines as cardiovascular exercise. We did not see any mention of cardio workouts in the description.

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  • May help reduce body fat.
  • Chest Shaper is available online.


  • Not formulated for the dieter wanting to lose weight.
  • The slimming pill pictured with other Chest Shaper products is not addressed.
  • Does not address cardio exercise.
    • Conclusion

      The average dieter may have a collection of fat in the chest area but this is not the same as gynemastia. Gynemastia is a condition characterized by larger than normal breasts on men. There are medications and surgery to fix the problem, but most often diet and exercise will not solve the problem. If the man just needs to lose a few pounds to reduce fat on the chest, this program could work. The lack of information about the program is enough to turn us away and warn dieters that this program may not be what they are looking for in a workout series.

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