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Dieting and weight loss are two of the most sought areas of information on the Internet. There are plenty of websites offering products, information, services and more, some trustworthy and others not. One of the best tools you can have when trying to lose weight is a place to keep up with news and developments in the health care industry, because new findings are happening all the time that pertain to diets, hormone supplements, appetite suppressants and other things. Also, it’s a good idea to be able to have a resource where you can look up foods, calorie counts and whatever other information you need. Chet Day is this website, It was founded in 1993 by a man named Chet Day, who supposedly had lost 55 pounds and started a new, healthier life. We’ll look at Chet Day’s website and see how much information it can give.

Product Features

Unlike many websites offering news and information in this industry, there is no charge or fee to enter and use the website’s services. This is a very good sign for us, because many websites and companies that require money to access information tend to have less-than-worthy information. The site has upwards of a thousand articles on various topics related to health issues from weight. There are also links to other pages, recipes, blogs and information about Chet Day himself. This last seems to be mainly for inspiration more than anything else. However, it’s good that the site is so open about its workings. Most of what Chet Day himself suggests is information that worked for him. It’s best to try to find a weight loss plan that works for you, and there’s plenty of ability to do that on the site, from what we saw.

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  • There are no hidden costs or fees to use any of the website’s services or access any information.
  • Plenty of health-related information is available in various forms on the website, so it shouldn’t be hard to find what you’re looking for.
  • Weight loss is addressed in a healthy way.


  • Although there is a lot information about general health issues, there is relatively little about weight loss and dieting from a practical how-to standpoint.
  • Because of the sheer amount of information, some users might be a bit overwhelmed or discouraged at first. People prefer smaller and easier-to-manage bits of information rather than a giant repository of it.


We are very pleased with the idea of a website that exits for free to offer as much information as could be desired on health and weight loss. We would like more information on different dietary supplements and products, however. These are valid areas of the diet industry and should receive equal attention.

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