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The Chi Foot Patch, also known as the Health Ionizer Vitality Patch, is manufactured by Ionic Health Spa located in Ontario, Canada. The Chi Foot Patch is a patch that the consumer places on the feet at bedtime. The patch pulls the toxins out of the body through the feet. The patch is completely white when placed on the feet, but when removed six to nine hours later, the patch is dark from the toxins that are excreted from the body. The Ionic Health Spa company manufactures many different products including detoxifiers, supplements, and biofeedback products for overall health.


The Chi Foot Patch contains Wood Vinegar, Bamboo Vinegar, Chatoyant, Loquat Leaf Extract, Tourmaline, Dokudami, and Vitamin C. It is unclear if this is a full list of ingredients.

Product Features

The Chi Foot Patch is placed on the foot in the desired area based on reflexology when the consumer is ready for sleep. While the consumer sleeps, toxins are excreted by the body on to the foot patches. The patches are removed six to nine hours later and discarded. They are for single use only. The patch contains natural ingredients. Wood vinegar and bamboo vinegar are detoxifiers. Chatoyant is extracted from the shell of a crab shrimp and it is used on the skin for wound healing, and skin inflammation. It has also been marketed as a weight loss supplement. Dokudami is used to pull toxins from the feet specifically.

Ionic Health Spa guarantees no side effects, drugs or other chemicals are in the Chi Foot Patch, only natural ingredients. However, consumers with allergies to shellfish or iodine should not use the patches due to the chatoyant. When first using the patches, the consumer will notice that the patch will be dark in color when removed. This is the toxins being excreted from the body. After several nights of use, the consumer will notice the pad color will be lighter each time, showing the detoxification is working. After several weeks, most consumers will be able to cut down their use to several times per month to maintain the detoxification.

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  • The Chi Foot Patch is easy to use and safe for most consumers.
  • The Chi Foot Patch is made from natural ingredients.
  • The Chi Foot Patch can be ordered online direct from the manufacturer website.


  • The website for the Chi Foot Patch does not contain clinical trial information.
  • Consumers with shellfish or iodine allergies should not use the Chi Foot Patch due to the possibility of an allergic reaction.
  • Ionic Health Spa does not offer a money back guarantee for the Chi Foot Patch.


The Chi Foot Patch is marketed towards consumers looking to detoxify their bodies. The product website does not contain clinical trial information proving the effectiveness of the product. It does, however, contain customer testimonials. Consumers with an allergy to iodine or shellfish should not use this product due to the risk of allergy to the ingredient chatoyant. This product uses the principle of reflexology for placement of the patch on the feet. Consumers should be aware that two patches are used each night.

The Chi Foot Patch is not a weight loss supplement and is marketed to promote a healthy lifestyle. Consumers looking for a weight loss supplement should look for one that contains both a fat burner and appetite suppressant. The product should also have a dedicated website that contains clinical trials and consumer reviews. A weight loss supplement taken in addition to healthy diet and exercise will give a consumer optimal results.

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  • 1
    colin addison

    URGENT REPLY PLEASE! We have distributed chi % BioHeel brands of foot patches within New Zealand for several years, with a focus on alternative health practitioners. Are you interested in supplying us now that our Korean source appears to have disappeared without trace?


  • 2
    Gunter Seydack

    I tried Chi Foot Patches for some weeks, but didn’t notice any positive effect. When I take them off in the morning, they have the look and smell of stale tobacco. I never smoked in all my 63 years. So I dunked one of the foot patches in bottled spring water, and one in tap water. Both came out looking and smelling like stale tobacco. So much for detoxifying.


  • 3
    Humberto Silva

    Dear Sirs,
    Could you please inform me where can I buy the Chi Foot Patch in Portugal.
    Do you have any representation?
    Thank you
    Humberto Silva


  • 4
    Wilhelmina Borja

    Is there a Chi foot patches made in Korea? Are they real or fake? Manufacturer is IonFarms.Co., Ltd, according to the box in which it is packed. Thank you.