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Editor's Review: 3.4 / 5.0

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Weight is an issue not only in adults in America but in children as well. There are many health issues associated that they don’t know about or understand, much less have the ability to act upon. The reason for the obesity problem in children in America is due to a diet of unhealthy foods, as well as a sedentary lifestyle where they simply sit and watch TV most of the time rather than get out and exercise. Because of this, it’s important for parents to help teach children the value of a healthy diet and exercise as well as possible. Also, there are outside events that help to instill a healthy sense of competition into children. Some of these are sports, martial arts or charity events. One of these events is the Children’s Fitness Challenge, a bi-annual event intended to promote athleticism and competition in a healthy environment.

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There are several different variations on the Children’s Fitness Challenge, but the main one described on the website is an obstacle course, which involves a 10-foot cargo net with a landing pit on the other side which leads into a 15-foot running grid, a 5-cone weave, a 12-foot-long balance beam after which are three hurdles and then two jumps past a line three feet away as well as an underbar for hurdle jumping. Depending on the child’s age and height, they can go through 14 or 20-inch hurdles. Overall, the entire point of the competition is to have a healthy sense of athleticism and competition while promoting healthy activity outside. Competitions are held in the spring and autumn in various locations, but there is little information given on the website about how to get a child signed up. It does state that the child must have a reasonable level of fitness beforehand to be able to hold up in the competitions.

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  • This event starts out by helping to promote a love of outside activity and exercise in children.
  • It has a wide variety of different events that children can compete in.


  • Because the events are only held twice a year, many children don’t actually have the opportunity to get to the competitions because they’re so out of the way or for other reasons.
  • The website doesn’t list the fee for entry, so it can be difficult to find out the requirements.


We like the thought of getting children interested in fitness – the earlier they get started on a healthy lifestyle the better. However, this particular event is only held twice a year, and therefore not every child who could do decently well would necessarily be able to compete by not being in the area.

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