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There are many ways to help promote weight loss within the body. Dieting, exercise and thermogenic ingredients are three of the most useful and effective, but they aren’t the only ones. Sometimes the problem lies elsewhere even if the person doesn’t know it – one of the most common health problems is the buildup of waste within the digestive system and colon. What this does is prevent nutrients from being properly absorbed into the bloodstream. Also, wastes cannot be flushed out of the body in this way. Because of this, sometimes it’s necessary to thoroughly cleanse the body of wastes. This is where the product Chiro-Klenz comes in. It’s a cleansing tea that helps to detoxify the colon. Detoxification is thought to have many effects, mostly among which is an increase in energy and weight loss. We are unsure how Chiro-Klenz is supposed to work, but we’ll review it to see how well it can do.


Locust Plant (Cassia Angustifolia, Senna), Malva Vericellata (High Mallow), and Gynostemma (Pentaphyllum) are all of the active ingredients, but the Locust plant is the most active. It’s native to India, and the leaves and pods of the plant are the medicinally-used ones. They work by having the leaves purge the body of the toxins and subsequent food will more easily digest. The rest of the ingredients help to act as a laxative.

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The rest of the ingredients, unfortunately, seem to be based on diuretic properties, which can cause problems if overused. Diuretics cause the body to lose a lot of water through urination, and it’s possible that dehydration can result. Because of this, it’s best to be careful when using products with known diuretic ingredients. Also, they promote an unhealthy rate of weight loss. It’s better to lose weight more slowly.

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  • There is a possibility that this product could help to cleanse the body of its toxins.
  • Because of the toxins being cleansed, the body would be more efficient about its use of energy and metabolism.
  • There are proven bowel stimulants in this product.


  • There is little or no scientific evidence to give this product credit for having the ability to induce weight loss.
  • It actually isn’t weight loss so much as cleansing, though this is healthy on its own.
  • There are many negative testimonials on the Internet.


Although we like the health benefits of a cleansing agent to the body, we really intend to focus on the weight loss aspect of products. There are plenty of products that actually focus on weight loss through the use of thermogenic products or appetite suppressants. However, the only real way to ensure successful weight loss is a proper diet and exercise.

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    norma hiller

    is it safe to take if you have conjestive heart failure?


  • 2
    Mary Coleates

    can this product be used for cleanse for colonoscopy?