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Chiro-Klenz is a detoxification system which is also used for weight loss which comes in the form of a tea. It is made to cleanse a person’s digestive system to aid in “trimming” excess weight. The tea is made by Edom Laboratories, Inc. The official product website states that anyone who wants to lose weight, both men and women, can use Chiro-Klenz. The tea should be taken once daily and it is sold in a thirty day supply with thirty tea bags. The website states that Chiro-Klenz will “eliminate toxic build-up in the body”. The website also claims that this tea can be used as part of a “general detoxification program” to maintain good health.

List of Ingredients

Chiro-Klenz lists three main ingredients: Locust Plant, Malva Vericellata, and Gynostemma. Each ingredient claims to offer certain benefits for those seeking to lose weight. The product website states that the Locust Plant “tones and restores the digestive system as it cleanses the colon”, Malva Vericellata has “anti-inflammatory properties” which can help with constipation and other mild stomach issues, and Gynostemma is a sweet-tasting leaf which regulates body fat metabolism and aids in weight loss.

Product Features

Chiro-Klenz is offered in different quantities online: a single pack, a twin pack, a four pack, or a six pack. All orders for Chiro-Klenz are shipped free. The product costs about $17.00 per box, so it is an affordable option when compared to some other weight loss products on the market.

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  • Free shipping is offered for any order of Chiro-Klenz.
  • Chiro-Klenz is an all natural tea which may result in little to no side effects when compared to other weight loss products on the market.


  • The manufacturer of this product does not offer a money-back guarantee or a risk-free trial for those who wish to try Chiro-Klenz.
  • Customer testimonials are not listed on the official website for Chiro-Klenz.
  • The information provided for Chiro-Klenz does not really state how effective the product is for weight loss purposes. It appears that this tea is mostly a detoxification product that will cleanse out a user’s digestive system and that this may have the side effect of some weight loss.


Chiro-Klenz appears to have all natural ingredients, which is great for those who want to try natural remedies to lose weight. Chiro-Klenz is not necessarily a weight loss product, however, as it is geared more towards people who are looking to detoxify their bodies and digestive systems. Cleansing out your digestive system does usually result in a small amount of weight loss, and could also help you feel better. For those looking for more significant weight loss results however, Chiro-Klenz is not likely the best product to try.

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4 User Reviews about ChiroKlenz

  • 1

    It is my first time taking it. Took my first cup last night and this morning woke up and went, it was great because I always suffer from constipation. The only this is that about two hours later I got this bad pain right in the middle of my chest and down my belly button it felt like I really had to go but couldn’t. Now been going but a bit of pain not too bad. I don’t know if that would be normal? To backed up maybe?


  • 2

    I have been using ChiroKlenz and I feel like it is flushing me and cleaning me out. It makes me feel good and I like it a lot!!!


  • 3
    Velma Isaac

    I have use chiroklenz for almost 2 years, for a detox and to help with constipation. it has worked well for me for that. My problem-I got it in Montreal, but have since moved to Saskatchewan. I have not been able to find it around here, and am wondering if there is a Canadian source to order it. I can only find US on the website.


  • 4

    Is ChiroKlenz safe for someone who takes coumadin?