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Chito-Slimmer is a weight loss product that’s intended to help the body in losing weight by keeping fat from absorbing into the bloodstream. There are many products like this on the market that claim to do the same thing, sometimes with mixed results. Also, Chitosan has been claimed to be able to lower cholesterol. We are unsure how it works, but we feel that it could possibly be dangerous to block critical nutrients like fat from going into the body, because it could potentially block other nutrients as well. Chitosan has a very limited ability to block fat on its own, but it’s been shown that with the proper processing it can be increased. We feel that a varied approach should be taken to weight loss rather than just trying one approach. It’s necessary to address weight loss, thermogenic increase, and appetite suppression. Also, a proper diet and exercise regimen need to be observed.

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  • The website has all the ingredients listed for the product for those that want to be informed. There are many websites that simply advertise the product for sale without offering any information. We feel more websites should do this for customers.
  • Chito-Slimmer could have potential weight loss benefits.


  • There are no consumer testimonials on the website as of this review.
  • The product itself has only one active ingredient and even it has really proven to be ineffective.
  • For those that do decide to purchase the product, it’ll be expensive because shipping is from outside the United States.


We really are unsure how products that use Chitosan as ingredient in its purest form are still on the market, because Chitosan has been proven not to work. Even if it did there really is more than just this one approach to work with in weight loss. The only way to really make weight loss stick is to couple proper thermogenic supplements with a healthy diet and exercise regimen.

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