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Weight loss products come in many different varieties, from appetite suppressants to thermogenics to fat blockers. However, the best way to ensure weight loss is through proper diet and exercise. This can prove to be much more difficult for some people than others due to lifestyle choices, so it’s sometimes best to have a good dietary supplement to aid. Chitodrene is a supplement that acts to block fat from being absorbed into the bloodstream. Fat and carbohydrates have the most calories per gram, so they are responsible for the most weight gain. The product supposed is able to bind itself to the bad kind of fats and thus pass from the body. However, even if this works, it’s just a cosmetic treatment unless there is a dietary change to go with it. Otherwise it’s simply a temporary thing. We’ll review Chitodrene to see how well it could potentially work as a weight loss aid.


Chitodrene contains Vitamin C, Chitosan and Calcium. All of these have their own uses. Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant and is an essential nutrient. Chitosan is the main ingredient used in this product – claimed to be able to absorb fats. However, if you do research into this, it’s going to be apparent that this claim is inaccurate. It turns out that pure chitosan will only absorb maybe 30 calories worth of fat from a person’s diet per day. This really isn’t going to make a difference. Calcium, the final ingredient, is another essential nutrient for healthy bones and teeth.

Overall, Chitodrene really doesn’t seem to have anything that’s been proven to be effective on its own. Chitosan can be effective if modified, but taken in its pure form is quite ineffective. We feel that there are other products that have more potent weight loss ingredients.

Product Features

Chitodrene comes in a bottle of 90 capsules, and generally costs $49.99, depending on the website where it’s sold.

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  • Vitamin C and Calcium also have fiber benefits. Fiber cannot be digested, but because of this it helps to move stool along.


  • Chitodrene is backed by very little scientific research to prove its effectiveness.
  • Chitosan in its pure form, which is what Chitodrene basically is, isn’t really that good at absorbing fat.
  • There are no appetite suppressants or thermogenics in this product.


We feel that Chitodrene could be a more effective weight loss product if it tried to address more than one aspect of losing weight. Simply absorbing fat isn’t enough if there are no appetite suppressants to make the diet stick. Also, a thermogenic ingredient would be helpful, because then whatever fat was absorbed would be metabolized more easily.

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