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Chitolean is a weight loss product created by Food Science of Vermont, and it uses Chitosan as a weight loss ingredient. According to the website, chitosan is capable of absorbing as much as five times its own weight in fat. A fat absorber is one of the types of dietary supplements needed to help with weight loss, but there are others to consider, a thermogenic would be a good idea to help the body more efficiently burn fat, and an appetite suppressant would be good to help control the cravings for food. It’s also necessary to have a good diet and exercise in the first place that way supplements can actually function with the body. There are many similar products that use Chitosan, and it can be hard to tell which is supposed to be effective. We feel it wise to always get as much information as possible about a product before using it.

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  • This product could help the body to lose at least a little fat from the diet. However, to get the full effect the Chitosan in Chitolean would have to be combined with another ingredient.
  • Fiber is included, which will help the digestive system to become more regular. We feel this is a good benefit on its own.


  • Chitolean isn’t really that good at ridding the body of fat on its own. It can, if processed properly, take up to five times its own weight in fat.
  • There isn’t much in the way of consumer testimonials or scientific studies.
  • We wish the site had advised users ofr a healthy diet and exercise to go with the supplement.


No matter how effective any weight loss method or medicine might be on its own, the weight won’t stay off unless measures are taken to keep the person from going back to old eating habits or lifestyle. It’s necessary to make a lifestyle change just as much as anything else, and even in this context, Chitolean’s ingredients still seem like they could use a bit more addition to really become effective.

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